Run to Read 2010 – Race Results and Photos

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Congratulations to those who joined and participated in the Run to Read 2010 that happened on August 15. Race Results are now available for download. Link to pictures will be available soon.

Download Race Results Here:
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For now please feel free to post your feedback and comments here.


  1. Eventually everything went well though I wish that there were more signage of how long have we been running especially for the 15K. We only knew how long have we been running at 9K. Marshalls have no idea in their designated area. Though all in all it was fun since its for a cause.

  2. I agree with dave. There were no signage. I run the 10k but went straight to the 15k route. I pass by the 9k signage for the the 15 k and probably add 2 k more in my 10k run. The marshalls in the intersection of the last lap of the 10k and going to the 15 k route was not well advise. Though all in all i think most of the runner had fun, the programs, the giveaways and the cause.

  3. hi ricky, there was another 10k runner who got lost as well. when asked for directions, the marshall in bayani rd was pointing him to the 9k u-turn. good thing i was there and told him to go back to lawton ave. the 9k u-turn signage was intended for another run (not run2read), i almost did a u-turn there.
    overall i only have 3 complaints, (1) no distance markers, (2) insufficient water stations (heatstroke anyone?) in bayani road (3) people loitering at the finish line

  4. really? the dude got lost/ confused? all the while i thought it was the end of the "straw" thing that from the ACE run… nyahahaha… first water station was a disaster!! UBOS NA DAW AGAD!!

  5. old school “straw”… last time sa Run4Life ganito din.

    overall it’s a 7/10 for me. ok naman yung 10k route. there was sufficient portalet and water stations. medyo late lang yung start kaya inabot na ng init and marami ng sasakyan. plus we weren’t sure that the singlets will arrive on time (but they did).

    happy pa din ako kasi i shaved 2 minutes from my rexona run and i’m a step closer to leveling up to 15K/16K before the end of the year.

  6. i totally disagree with the sufficient portalet! in fact my friend had to take a stop at McDonalds cuz there were no available portalets along the way. She was asking the marshals for the nearest portalet, and yet they just keep on saying malapit na when in fact WALA naman.

    From the registration procedures up to the actual race event, it was really a disaster. First, what's the use of asking the preferred size and color of singlet if u will only be given what's left (w/c means tita-tirahan)!? Second, they made me come back Aug 1 to claim the singlet just to tell me "mam, im sorry pero nagchange po kasi ung sched natin, first batch palang po ang bibigyan, sa Aug 7 nalang po kau bumalik!" -sana nagtext brigade nalang pdiba! When i came back, what's left for me was a medium sized singlet that fits like a "sack" to me. Third, napakatahimik ng event! The host doesn't really know how to handle a crowd. The race started too late; there were no signage as to how many kilometers i have finished for a couple of minutes; no portalets; and no medic. The route going to Mckinley Hill was somewhat dangerous cuz we were compressed at one side while there's a lot of vehicles passing by at the other side – if u lose ur focus then u'll be hit by the cars.

  7. The race is a 6/10. Why a low of 6?

    1. No Road signage

    2. No water sa Bayani Road

    3. Poor traffic control

    Why a high of "6"?

    1. Great loot bag

    2. Challenging route (could have been safer)

    3. I ran with my team mates

    4. Fast service in the baggage area.

  8. This is my first run in Philippines, but I have done a few in Taiwan. I was pleasantly surprised by the race and arrangement. In my opinion there were more than sufficient water stations with lots of water, and the route marking and traffic was very good, considering that the route crosses a lot of roads. OK, a couple of minor problems, I could not claim the singlet at the place where I registered (Second Wind), and I almost turned left to the 15k route instead of turning around at 10k (the sign was ambiguous), however in all a very good race and it was nice to see so many runners despite the large number of races in Manila.

  9. Same comment for 5K; no signage on how many kms already ran, and the marshals had no idea where they were. "Malapit na ho!" isn't a good enough answer.

    And as for claiming of singlets, so much room for improvement for Saturday issuance of race kits and singlets. Walang organization.

    But other than these, the race and post-race experience was pretty good. And the colorful singlets were nice to look at.

  10. @ Lars, that's nice to hear from you even though this was I would say one of the "poor" Fun Runs I've ever joined into. Especially in claiming of singlets. Hopefully the race results will be published soon.

  11. wala pa din results? does Run to Read plan on breaking the record for taking the longest time to post the results and photos? The current record holder is Rock and Run which took 5 days. Mukhang malas yata yung ganung klaseng pangalan for races. hehehe!

  12. Guys here's a message from Run to Read staff posted in facebook:

    Thank you very much for your support. We hope you had a great run. :)For

    all the runners who experienced water shortages, we sincerely

    apologize. We are in the process of doing our post-evaluation review with

    Run4Change to ensure that this does not happen in future runs.As for the results, Run4Change has committed to release these by …Aug 25 (Wed). Thank you for your patience. :)

  13. to Jake:

    Actually even before registration, i already had the inkling that something odd is gonna happen kasi yung Rock & Run, maraming aberya, kapareho ng initials ng Run2Read ha ha ha!! siguro nga may bad luck pag parehon ng initials nahahawa….

  14. yes @calamari actually its been two months and a half. i dont think the results will be coming. they made a mistake by letting us run only 8.4 k for the 10 k. major palpal

  15. With so many races and runners in Manila, it would be best if the organisers could use the timing chip system. That way the results could be made available on the web within 1 hour. About 100PHP could be added to the race fee as deposit for the chip (returned after the race). This would save a lot of labor when recording the race results (and avoid errors). Furthermore, if sensors are placed at the turn-around point there is no need to distribute these "strings" in different colors as evidence that people complete the course.

  16. lagi mabagal ang race result basta run4change nag organize. medyo mahina ang technical team nila.

    pero ok yun event compare sa iba. ok ang hydration, ang route, medyo konting patintero sa kotse.

    matagal na sila nag organize ng takbo, sana medyo taasan na nila yung standards nila. wala naman masama hangarin ang runrio standards.

  17. Very disorganized! Palpak talaga… We paid and register for 10K, we received our racekits & singlets late na,only to find out 5K pala bibigay samin. Walang KM markers for us as reference. Very late pa nagstart.

  18. can’t hide my frustrations on the organizer. the results are late na nga, madami pang hindi na-account (unknown finishers) at yung names hindi lahat nai-post. ran for 10K but my name was not on the list.

  19. yung friend ko iba yung name nya, tapos ako unknown and ang last is yung isa kong officemate is in 5k pero hindi sya tumakbo is a finisher and guess what category nya sa 10k 59minutes ang labo naman nun. lahat kami kanina dito sa office nagtatawanan about the said result. even yung boss ko na expat tawa ng tawa kasi ala sila sa finisher even yung bib number nila.

  20. i registered for 10k. but i was registered in a different name. Nag-check nalang ako sa bib number. Only to find out ibang name kaya pala im having a hard time looking for my name.

    Yeah. i agree. very disorganized. no signage kung ilang Km na. late pa nag-start!

  21. Results,..finally…they spelled my name worng,..made my female friend who ran the 15km a male. Apparently, nagka-sex change siya during the race. LOL.
    Sent them an email to correct the spelling…nothing yet.

  22. my 2 friends and I can’t find our names, so we checked for our bibnumbers – only to find out different people were assigned to them, so how can that be?

  23. Please indicate our names: C110-Rouschelle G. Mercado (no. 780 in the race results)

    C109-Misty Jean P. Inocencio (no. 564 in the race results)

    Thank you

  24. They said they’ll correct mistakes on the race results by September 6. Checked it today, my name is still mis-spelled. Although, I did move down the ranking. I don’t mind the ranking just correct the spelling of my name!!!

    Sent them another email. Waiting for action…………..


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