5 Workout Tips to build Great Abs


Are you training hard to get those great ABS? Well here are some tips and tricks that I hope can help you along your AB workout.

1. Don’t over train your abs, remember your abs is just like any other muscle, make sure you give them rest at least 48 hours between sessions for maximum recovery.

2. When your training your abs, make sure to do each repetition deliberately and avoid movements based on momentum, this is to make sure you get the maximum benefit of the workout.

3. Breathe… avoid holding your breath.


4. Try different abs workouts, there’s a lot of different ways to train your abs from crunches, reverse crunches, planks, v-sit exercise, half curl. Avoid doing the same workout all the time, this is to give your body new challenges.

5. Don’t forget to eat right and do Cardio, the fact about abs muscles, it might be there, but you can’t really see it until you burn that mid-section.


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