Tour of the Fireflies and The BRICK

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2 weeks ago, a friend of mine and myself dropped by McKinley Hill to catch the ‘Tour of the Fireflies – WET T-Shirt Critical Mass Ride (CMR)’ that passed by the area to meet some friends.

Besides Luneta where I learned how to bike way back in my childhood days, this was the next time I saw so much gathering of road bikes and mountain bikes in a public area, and the sight of it was encouraging me and my friend to get into biking once again…

Tour of the Firefiles

We are also lucky to have gotten a chance to meet with some of the owners of The Brick, a soon to open multi-sport store that will cater to people interested in running, cycling, swimming (triathlon) or any of its various combination.

The Brick Store
The Brink Triathlon Bike

After a few short pointers on the differences of a road bike, mountain bike and a race bike, I asked why the store was names ‘The Brick’? Apparently the Brick is derived from a workout which combines two or more of the mentioned disciplines. Perfect for a store name ain’t it?

Biking in Philippines

Next, I’ll probably catch one of the Bike for Clean Air Clinic by the Firefly Brigade and see if biking is for me or not.

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