The Bottle School Run – June 13, 2010

The Bottle School Run 2010


10,000 Bottles from 5,000 People to build One School. A fun run for a sustainable solution and rebuilding damaged classrooms damaged by Ondoy and Pepeng.

The organizers need your help to build a pioneer school in Maharlika Village, Taguig City with your contribution of any brand of two (2) 1.5 or 2 LITER PET soda bottles and your running fee (which will be used for construction materials and labor).

The Bottle School Run 2010
June 13, 2010 @ 5am
Fort Bonifacio, Global City
3K / 5K/ 10K

Registration fee of PHP 200 for 3K and PHP 300 for 5K and 10K. No singlet for this event, the organizers thanks everyone for providing more fund to help build the schools.

Support us by joining our Events

Registration Sites:
– Planet Sports Trinoma (1pm to 8pm)
– Planet Sports Alabang (1pm to 8pm)
– Planet Sports Glorietta (1pm to 8pm)
– Taguig City – Fort Bonifacio Satellite Office, 3rd Flr, Market! Market! (9am to 5pm)
– Youth and Sports Dev’t Office, 2nd Floor Taguig City Auditorium c/o Mr. Evan Endrada 6281999 loc 584

Race Maps:

The Bottle School Run 2010 – 3K MapThe Bottle School Run 2010 - 3K Map
The Bottle School Run 2010 – 5K MapThe Bottle School Run 2010 - 5K Map
The Bottle School Run 2010 – 10K MapThe Bottle School Run 2010 - 10K Map

Download Printable Race Map for Bottle School Run 2010 Here: [Registered Members]
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For more information visit their official website at


  1. nice poster!

    no singlet? even finisher shirt? nyaaa goodluck! wlang sasali basta basta w/o singlet or shirt! just a suggestion kahit finisher lang …

  2. people will run for different reasons. i’m sure there are people with noble hearts who will support a cause such as this and will not bother for the freebies as much as others. more power to the organizers.

  3. @ Josh. I beg to gently disagree with your opinion. There is more than a commercial basis of repriprocity of a singlet, lootbag, and finsiher shirt that will bring people together. If this was a basis for doing good, then NGOs would hardly exist. I think there is significant concern in the damaged classrooms that will bring people together. Php 120,000 for finisher shirts is almost one half a classroom more for DepEd and it was a decision that we should donate as much as possible. I hope you will see that people will come when they see there is so much more to this race than a give-and-take agreement.

  4. thanks guys. its the first trial of this direct solutions platform to the run than just a charity case without knowledge of what happens to the money afterwards. hopefully we can build more structure by having singlets, when we go around the country running and building schools.

  5. My very first run was RUNEW hosted by Asian Hospital last May. I never knew about perks like singlets, microchips, etc. My first question was, who will be the beneficiary for the race. I was even willing just to give money even if I will not run. Since it is a win-win situation — a cardio work-out for me and a charity fund — I chose to run. When a doctor friend of mine invited us for this, the theme was quite unique, repairing a school with recycled bottles. I guess many are called but few are chosen. Each sweat is worth it because it will make a difference for a lot of underprivileged kids who probably never whined about not having a singlet, but happy enough that their school has a roof and wall.

  6. my intention to support this project is much much more important than the singlet, freebies etc that is being given away after crossing the finish line. good job origanizers. I will definitely bring more bottles than required on the race day. ;)

  7. I am one of the runner, my friends and i joined the run not because of the things we can get out of this but rather to help the kids who are in need of our support. Help build their schools we should not only think of ourselves but think for others as well.. u should think that way Josh extending one’s help is a great fulfillment…

  8. Your right ate Cel, I am so excited this Sunday..Being part of this Run is our most simple way of helping others esp. the kids.

  9. hi,

    like some of you, will also run tomorrow to support the project to build more schools; God knows, our country needs it.

    i understand why the bottle school run will not give out singlets; as ilac pointed out, the savings might as well go to building schools. (some organizations don’t even hire people who know how to organize runs properly in order to save more)

    having said that, josh’s point is no less legitimate – that perks by nature are incentives and a singlet is a deciding factor for some runners, cannot be denied as they are matters of fact. the reality is, just as there are runners like some of us here who don’t mind getting a singlet, there are others who do.

    ultimately, the question boils down to doing the math with these questions in mind:

    a) do runs for causes without singlets have more participants than those with singlets?

    b) if not, how much funds is foregone from runners who will not join when there are no singlets?

    c) is the amount saved from not giving out singlets more than the amount of funds foregone?

    i’ve always been curious about these questions. i hope that through this post, would get an answer or two.

    see you all tomorrow!

  10. thank you to all who joined the run and participated in a worthy cause. and even without singlets, the turnout was very good.

    the first bottle school will be in maharlika village located within the village school’s compound. i am a board member of the school’s foundation, and we’re excited with the construction of a two-classroom daycare. this will be the first of many bottle schools in the country.

    illac is working hand in hand with our foundation and the city of taguig to make this ‘first’ possible.

    ’til the next bottle run. :)

  11. i had a great run here. the speech that illac said was very inspiring. to be honest, i wasn’t expecting anything out from it. all i wanted was to start running 10k races again (and build a bottle school). in the end, i got a lot more

    water stations were very sufficient. every 2kms. no water. all gatorade. paper cups were used. the people manning the hydration tables were kind enough to hand over the cups. talk about efficiency

    the runners even got a bottle each at the end of the run
    *thank you gatorade*

    and just about outside mckinley, there were 2 jugs of water just in case you get thirsty or need a quick splash of water in the face. it was well placed, in my opinion. the uphill and downhill inside mckinley are quite challenging to conquer. i’ve ran across buendia flyover before but i think this is a bit tougher. it was like climbing up a ladder at some parts

    race markers were present every 2kms. i was able to properly set my pace all throughout my run. unlike some /popular/ races that i know

    as a bonus, coach rio was checking/cheering the other runners en route

    the only thing that i missed was the safety cones. i guess it adds up to cost. i wasn’t also bothered by the surprise “ready, set, go”. overall this was an organized race. the route is refreshing. and i did had a lot of fun


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