Join the Treadmill challenge in Gold’s Gym & Moro Lorenzo to win prizes from Adidas!

adidas micoach promo


Here’s a chance for you to win your very own Adidas miCoach pacer, so if your a Gold Gym’s member, don’t miss this rare opportunity.

Good day to all! Here’s your chance to win an Adidas miCoach Pacer, miCoach Zone and other running products! We will be in Moro Lorenzo today from 9am-12nn and in Gold’s Gym, Galleria from 2-5pm.

See how you can grab prizes from adidas by reading the mechanics below:

1. Gold’s Gym members who are interested to join the challenge should sign up at the registration area. There would be brand ambassadors to approach gym members and ask if they are interested to join the challenge, too.

2. Participants of the challenge will run a total of 15 minutes each on the treadmill. Their distance will be recorded. Organizers can also entertain queries about miCoach products.

3. Top male and female challengers with the longest distance ran will win prizes from adidas per day, per gym. Top 3 Challengers (per gym) by the end of the activation win miCoach Pacer, miCoach zone and running products for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placers respectively.

Source: Adidas Fan Page

April 5: Moro Lorenzo 9am-12nn ; Gold’s Gym Galleria 2-5pm
April 6: Gold’s Gym Glorietta 11am-2pm, 3pm-6pm
April 7: Moro Lorenzo, 11am-5pm
April 8: Moro Lorenzo, 11am-5pm
April 9: Gold’s Gym Galleria 11am-2pm , 3pm-6pm
April 12: Moro Lorenzo 9am-12nn, Gold’s Gym Glorietta , 2-5pm
April 13: Gold’s Gym Galleria, 11am-2pm , 3pm-6pm
April 14: Moro Lorenzo, 11am-5pm
April 15: Gold’s Gym Glorietta 11am-2pm, 3pm-6pm
April 16: Gold’s Gym Galleria 11am-2pm , 3pm-6pm


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