My Globe Run for Home 2010 miCoach Race Results

micoach race results


I was able to set and wear my Adidas miCoach on the Globe Run for Home 2010 run and I was really amazed on my race results, I just set the miCoach pacer on “free” mode to start recording how I did on the 5K run I joined.

On normal training runs that I do, my average heart rate was just normally around 140-150bpm, but surprisingly, for the Globe Fun Run, my average heart rate was 170bpm and even reached a maximum of 196bpm (this is when I saw the Finishline) and I was running most of the time on my Red zone!

I think I did fairly well for this run, hoping for an official time of just under 30mins, can’t wait for the official race results to come out! I’ll post it once it’s available.


  1. I assume you just started. Congrats on finishing your course and keep training to improve your time. You have an advantage against many of the runners because of your gadget, but you have to run to maximize its use okie…

  2. The miCoach gadget is very impressive. I got one too but wasn't able to use it during Globe run. I am using it now and so far so good. All your running history are posted on the web via adidas site (when you log in) and you can retrieve it anytime anywhere (of course only if you have internet access)PLease get in touch with me through my email so we can share infos.


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