Cebu Coastal Adventure Challenge


cebu coastal race invite

Race Event The 1st Cebu Coastal Adventure Challenge

An urban and coastal adventure race brought to you by the wonderful people at The Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation Inc., (CCEF)
Date September 19, 2009 | Saturday
Where Around Mactan, Cebu, Cordova and Lapu-lapu, Cebu Philippines.
Who may join Open to all novice & experienced adventure racers
Teams 3-man team[either all male, all female or mixed]
Race Distance  60 Kilometers
Type of Bike Mountain Bike (2 Bikes)
Estimated Time 6-8 hours [ sequential and non-sequential form]
Navigation N.A. [Race is directional, supported by clues). Along the way, teams will be faced with a series of ‘mystery tests’. All you need to know for now is that you’ll be doing some amazing things. You’ll definitely need some strategy and teamwork to boost up the fun!
Technical Disciplines Climb
Race Budget Teams must carry cash at the minimum of Php 500
Mandatory Equipment 3 Helmets
3 Bouyancy Aids
1 Passport Case (waterproof)
3 Swimming Goggles
3 Harness
3 Whistles
3 Blinkers
3 Hydration Packs / with bladders
1 First Aid Kit
Race Briefing 2 days before the race
Marshalls Briefing 1 day before the race
Skills Test 1 week before the race proper
Post-race party Hoping to see the majority of these coastal warriors at the finish line. All the teams will meet up at the post-race awards party for awards, great prizes, food and drinks and Cebu’s 5 best bands! Party along in good camarederie with all the other teams you passed (or who passed you) on the coastal race coarse.
Prizes Trophies, Medals + Cash

1st Place | Php15,000
2nd Place | Php 10,000
3rd Place | Php 5,000
Bragging rights to be the 1st Cebu Coastal Adventure Challenge Champions!
Php 1,500 Entry Feefor the entire 3-man team

Support us by joining our Events

Early bird registration less P500 if you register before August 13, 2009.

Php 5,000 Entry Fee for Corporate Sponsored Teams

Limited to 50 teams only so hurry and register now!


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