Time to Challenge your Limits!


There’s a lot of rumors about how difficult the Challenge Philippines Bike Course is, the organizers even extended the race cut-off time to 10 hours, this got us intrigued, and since our teammate Don is joining the race, we decided to do a recon ride to experience what everyone is talking about.

First things First… It’s true! The Challenge Bike course was indeed a challenge, even if we only covered 70K of the 90K course (since the route inside the Bataan Power Plant was closed to the public)

We experienced 7, Yes (Seven) uphill climbs, and the most challenging part is the 10KM climb towards the end of the bike course, just take a look at the elevations below.


If you’re preparing for this race, make sure you log enough saddle time in hilly courses, better if you can train and try out the Challenge route yourself.

Besides the Up-hell climbs, caution is needed when maneuvering down the steep downhill courses, the roads are a bit rough (which could be improved before the race).

The good thing about the route is that it takes you to the most scenic locations around Subic. Checkout some of our Stop-Over Pictures ;)








Are you joining Challenge Philippines? Or do you just want to experience what people are talking about? Here’s the Garmin Map for our race recon, time for you to check it out!

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