Poll: How many Running Shoes do you own?


How many Running Shoes do you own!? Join the POLL below:

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14 comments on “Poll: How many Running Shoes do you own?

    • Pwede namang one pair kung hindi naman high volume ang mga takbo at kung hindi rin halos buong linggo tumatakbo. Basta replace lang kapag pasira na

  1. at least 2 dapat.. tempo/interval shoes and long run shoes.. mas matagal maluma yung shoes kapag alternate mo ginagamit..

    • Pero hindi lahat nag-iintervals o kaya araw-araw tumatakbo. Sa mga more dedicated runners na ang more than one pair of shoes.

  2. 3.

    1 for lite run – medyo hindi kasi ako comfortable e
    1 for long distance run and race
    1 new shoes replacing the pair of shoes for long distance run. hehehe

    and 1 for training

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