Exercising But Not Losing any Weight?


Papayat Din Ako

I was asked by a friend on a reason why her weight is not declining even when she was working her butt off, though there are some noticeable positive changes in her body shape, the number in the weighing scale is discouraging.

If you are experiencing the same situation as her, here’s a possible explanation of what you are going thru:



The Concept: If you place 5lbs of FAT and 5lbs of MUSCLE on a weighing scale they will both weigh the same, but the difference is the total volume it has. 5lbs of FAT looks 3 time larger than a 5lbs MUSCLE.

When you start any workout, 2 things happen, you grow muscles and you loose fat, that is why you can notice changes in sizes and shapes, yet your weight on the scale can remains the same.

Having more muscle means your on your way to a more desirable body composition, or improving your fat-to-muscle ratio. You may still weigh the same, but your body will look different, smaller, better and tighter. Though it may take you a few weeks (or months) to see measurable changes, you begin to put on muscle and burn calories from the moment you start exercising. As you continue your workout, the muscle weight you gain also improves your metabolism which in turn, helps you to burn off more fat.

Ultimate Goal Weight

So don’t let the weighing scale put you down. Just be consistent in your workout, and you’ll eventually see and feel the difference.

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  1. Baka puro exercise tapos di naman sinasabayan ng diet. Wala din. Wag na umasang mababawasan ka ng timbang. Lol #fact

  2. Same on my personal experience, now I feel tighter on my butt and legs. Now I know.. Thanks for the info.U0001f60aU0001f3c3U0001f3fcU0001f4aaU0001f3fc

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