Top 5 Signs That Running Is Back and It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

Explore how running has become a nationwide phenomenon in the Philippines with these top five signs.


Running isn’t just catching on again; it’s sprinting across the Philippines with the energy of a fiesta! Here are the top five signs that running is not just popular again—it’s a full-blown phenomenon.

1. Marathon Registrations are Skyrocketing

From the cool climes of Baguio to the urban sprawl of Metro Manila, marathons are seeing a massive surge in participants. It’s not just the seasoned runners; everyone from young professionals to retirees are joining the race. When marathon spots fill up faster than a jeepney at rush hour, you know running is taking the lead!

To those who hated running before… how’s your half-marathon training coming along?

2. Running Clubs are the New Karaoke Night

Forget singing your heart out at karaoke—Filipinos are now running their lungs out at dawn! Running clubs are popping up in every barangay, offering a mix of socializing, support, and a bit of healthy competition. These clubs have become the social scene for those looking to combine fitness with fun, and they’re growing faster than bamboo!


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3. Sneakers Over Sandals

The hottest trend isn’t in malls—it’s on the move! Sales of running shoes and fitness trackers are booming as more Filipinos choose the path of health and endurance. Whether it’s for style or performance, the right gear is becoming a must-have in the active Filipino’s wardrobe, rivaling the popularity of traditional sandals.

And they say running is a cheap sport right? Have you switched to a Garmin yet?

4. #RunningIsLife Trends on Pinoy Social Media

Every step, every mile, every sweaty selfie is shared online, making #RunningIsLife a trending topic from Luzon to Mindanao. Filipino runners are not just embracing the streets but also dominating social media feeds with their running escapades, inspiring an entire community to get moving.

Who are your top fitness and running influencers you are following now?

5. Health Consciousness is Through the Roof

In the land known for its love of lechon and adobo, health consciousness is soaring. Filipinos are increasingly turning to running as a way to balance their indulgent culinary habits with a dose of good old-fashioned sweat. It’s become a popular way to stay fit, clear the mind, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes the Philippines has to offer.

Running is more than a pastime in the Philippines—it’s a passion. With its combination of community, fun, and fitness, it’s no wonder everyone is getting their run on!

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