WWF Earth Hour Virtual Run 2023: PH clocks in on the Biggest Hour for Earth

More than just a symbolic commitment, Earth Hour is a tangible movement for our future. What can you do NOW to be part of the Biggest Hour for our planet? Join this year’s Virtual Run on March 25 to April 30, 2023.


Every last Saturday of March at 8:30 PM, millions of people across the world take a stand against two biggest threats to our home— nature loss and climate change. We all now know this as the Earth Hour.

In support of this movement, WWF-Philippines launches the Earth Hour Virtual Run 2023 with the theme: Biggest Hour for Earth. This will run from March 25 to April 30. Open to all, registration starts on February 3 until March 25.

Earth Hour Virtual Run is a self-paced run from any location you want. You may choose your target cumulative distance (5K, 10K, 20K, 40K or 60K). All proceeds from this event will directly support WWF-Philippines’ conservation efforts. Your participation will empower not only our advocacy but also the message that you or anyone, from anywhere at any time, can take action toward a brighter and greener future.

WWF Earth Hour Virtual Run 2023

March 25 – April 30, 2023
Anywhere in the Philippines


Registration Fees:
Medal Only – P595
Medal + Shirt – P995
Medal + Shirt + Cap – P1,395

– PLUS P100 Delivery Fee
– FREE Medal Engraving until March 25
– Get a chance to to win raffle prizes
– Entitlements will be delivered 4 weeks after the event ends on April 30, 2023
– International runners are welcome, but we require a valid Philippine address to deliver the finisher entitlements.

Registration Venue:
1. Google Play Store – Click Here
2. Apple Store – Click Here

Payment Details:
1. Register to the event via the PF Atleta App
2. Wait for confirmation Email
3. Deposit Payment via:

Account Type: Savings
Account No: 00-742-001-6795

East West Bank
Account No: 200003486744

Account Type: Savings
Account No: 3211-0912-57

Mobile Number: 0936-934-2528

4. Email Deposit Slip together with your PF Atleta Transaction ID to [email protected]

Shirt: (Mock-up Design)


Note: Register on or before March 25 to get your Finisher Medal Personalized for FREE!


How does a Virtual Race work?
– Choose and Register on a Virtual Race
– Use a GPS-tracking running app, watch or treadmill
– Track and Finish the Race
– Take a photo of your result
– Submit your Run

– “No completion, no reward” policy; This race is based on honour system, periodic checks will be done on the submissions.
– All GPS-based App and Treadmill Submissions are allowed.
– Account will be suspended if fraudulent results are found.


  1. Hi! Is the fee the same whatever the distance is? In case the chosen distance is not completed, will you still ship the medal/shirt/cap, even if it is paid in full? Thanks!

  2. Hi, I tried this virtual run using the Strava app, and I noticed that some of my runs had a glitch in distance. In this case, can you consider it as fraud? Or in this scenario, can I run more than the target distance to make it valid? 

  3. May you explain the details of how to submit proof of accomplishment l a little more?
    When we use our GPS-tracking apps, are we required to take a screenshot of our jogging route? Or is it enough to just screenshot the distance travelled? Thank you!

  4. Hello! First time to try this. Do we need to achieve certain time for every category? For example, an hour (cumulative) for 5km? Thanks

  5. Hi PF

    I am joining the MILO Marathon on March 26 as well. Is it allowed if I am going to submit my run result for the Earth Hour 10km or 20km category?

  6. I’ll be joining a run this April 2 for 8km for the Clark City Marathon. Can I submit my official time for that run for this virtual run?

  7. Good day. I would just want to ask. Under the “steps” tab of the Samsung Health App, it is displayed how many cumulative kms per day the total number of steps reached. Can a screenshot of that already be considered or are activities under “running” only the ones to be counted? Thank you.

  8. Hello, is walking considered for the distance traveled? Or should the kms be only performed through running? Also how can we avail of the 100 pesos discount for the early registration? It didn’t reflect on my payment page before I checked out. Thank you!

    • Hi Elle, walking can be considered as long as it’s recorded via a fitness tracker, GPS device or treadmill. For the price, it’s now at P100 OFF, prices will increase by March 1.

    • Hi Marvin, kindly follow these steps:
      1. Login to the PF MOBILE APP
      2. Click on the CALENDAR ICON – beside the + sign at the bottom
      3. Browse and locate the PF EARTH Virtual Challenge
      4. Register and choose your preferred package
      5. Email us the deposit slip + Transaction ID (it looks like PFA023000xxxxxx)

    • Hi CTJ,

      Kindly follow these steps:
      1. Login to the PF MOBILE APP
      2. Click on the CALENDAR ICON – beside the + sign at the bottom
      3. Browse and locate the PF EARTH Virtual Challenge
      4. Register and choose your preferred package
      5. Email us the deposit slip + Transaction ID (it looks like PFA023000xxxxxx)

  9. Good day to All may i ask what is cumulative distance means?. explain further 😁.. 1st time to join virtual run..can i use strava app for this???

  10. Hi Maam, what if I have another fun run within the period of Pinoy Fitness Earth virtual run, can I link/use/submit the distance from that other fun run to this Earth virtual run or not?

  11. Hi! First time to do virtual run – would like to ask if ung cumulative runs is pwedeng combination of threadmill and run anywhere to complete the distance needed?

  12. Hi po, asking for help how to have the details in the earth hour virtual run like the distance, ave.pace, run? I tried to upload photos but don’t know how to put details on it. Also, don’t know where the picts.go when I click the save icon. Thank you for the help.

  13. I registered and picked 20k in this event. Lets say I change I mind and I would like to run 40k instead, would it be possible to change it to another distance? Thanks!

  14. Good morning po. Pwedy pa po bang e change yung distance? Yung na register ko kasi 10k lang. Pwedy po ba e change to 60 k?

  15. Another question – sa Strava app does it need to show na “Run” yung activity? Or accepted ung “Walk” as long as in KM ung distance?

  16. Hi. I already registered and emailed my proof of payment. How long will it take po for me to recieve the confirmation email?

  17. Hello, I have a question.
    Can I use strava or Relive app for this virtual run?
    This is cumulative distance, right, and I’m planning on getting a 10k run.

    March 25 – 5 km
    April 1 – 5 km

  18. Hello po. I can’t proceed with the Pf atleta app because of team/organization. First time ko po kasi magjoin. Pano po pag wala pong ganun? Salamat po

  19. I use the pedometer app in virtual runs/walks before. Will a screenshot of the pedometer results (with date distance and pace) be accepted?

  20. Do we simply upload the image after each activity and put the distance and duration for cumulative until we complete the total distance we registered?

  21. I made my payment today, when should I expect a confirmation from you guys?

    Also, should i expect a change in PF app like I’m registered to the earth virtual run?

  22. I already upload my 1st virtual run Mar.25,2023, how do I know if my uploaded run is valid and acceptable? I used my gps logger Sir..

  23. Hello! I still don’t have any Joined Races on the PF app. Am I allowed to submit my run as early as now?

    Another thing, are we allowed to submit runs from other events? Thank you so much.

  24. I do have a treadmill but it does not have a tracker or timer or distance calculator (it’s a very old one). Can i use it and use my Strava as tracker for timer/distance?

  25. What if we exceed our goal and made it to the next farthest distance (i.e. registered for 20km but actual run is 40km)? Will our medal reflect 20km or 40km? Thanks.

  26. Hello, I registered on March 26. And will be paying today, would like to confirm if my registration is still valid please?


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