My First Virtual Workout with TMS and Adidas Heat.RDY


Adidas challenged me to join a Virtual Workout with TMS led by Coach Kyla using their newest apparel line with the Heat.RDY technology. This new apparel is designed to react to your body, dries sweat fast and keeps you cool.

This is actually my first virtual workout ever since the Corona Virus Pandemic began, and to everyone that’s curious, this is a short video of how virtual workout works.

To keep Creators Ready For Sport, adidas launches the new Heat.RDY collection, featuring tops, shorts, and tights powered by adidas’ Heat.RDY technology— sweat-wicking fabrics that protect Creators from heat. Designed to optimize performance when the heat rises, Heat.RDY allows Creators to remain cool, dry, confident, and ready for anything.

  • Reacts to the body: Heat.RDY apparel uses adidas’ latest technology in body mapping to measure how the human body reacts to different environmental conditions, keeping the body temperature regulated before, during and after workouts.
  • Dries sweat fast: Intuitive hybrid yarns draw sweat away from the body and enhance the body’s own cooling process.
  • Lets you breathe: Lightweight fabric encourages maximum airflow so athletes can maintain focus in hotter conditions, while strategic placement of air gaps between fibres keep the body cool when the heat rises.
  • Doesn’t restrict: Tailored with kinetic seaming and adaptive fit to enable more flexibility and ease of movement for athletes – designed and constructed around the body in motion.

The Heat.RDY collection includes multi-sport apparel for women, men, and young athletes— providing lightweight and breathable pieces that offer full support and coverage for every move.



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