Rest to Reset – a phrase to live by for a better life


In the hustle and bustle of our everyday life, we are too busy making ourselves present for other people that we forget to make time for ourselves. I started making rest a priority when I was literally dragging myself to every gathering, workout or deadline. I was showing up to these engagements because I had to and not because I wanted to.

Life was becoming dull. I was stretched too thin and my energy was low because I was tired and I lacked sleep.

Here are a few things to check up on:

Score yourself on a scale of 1-5. (1 – lowest, 5 -highest)

Are you scoring low in these?

  • Hours of sleep
  • Energy for interaction/tasks
  • Time for yourself (exercise, hobbies, etc)
  • Water intake

Are you scoring high in these?

  • Low immune system or easily sick
  • Moodiness
  • Stress levels

If you said YES to most…

The only solution there is, is to make a conscious effort for recovery if you still want to do things with the right state of mind and proper energy.

Exercise and gut health are two very important, yet overlooked factors for recovery. According to Dr. Gemma Newman, the Plant power doctor, one of the known advocates for holistic health…

“Putting on your GLOVES will help improve your health.”
Dr. Gemma Newman, the Plant Power Doctor

G – ratitude
L – ove
O – rganic
V – egetables
E – xercise
S – leep.

Here is a short guide to start your journey:


  • Ask yourself: “Do I need this?, Am I really hungry?
  • Mindset: Food is fuel.

– Proper food choices
– Intermittent fasting (as a way to rest the gut, to boost immune system and regenerate growth hormones)
– Hydrate, hydrate, hyrate.
– Eat greens!
– Go organic.
– Avoid processed foods.
– Reduce sugar.
– Less to no alcohol.


  • Ask yourself: “Can I do this task tomorrow instead?, What are my priorities for today?”
  • Mindset: I need sleep to be fully present and energized for tomorrow.

– Sleep is an essential part of life.
– Without sleep we are unable to perform well in any aspect (exercise, work, etc.)
– Regulates heart rate, blood pressure, and resistance to stress.
– Know what the essential tasks are for today
– Stick to your sleep schedule
– Layout tasks in a calendar


  • Ask yourself: “Did I move enough today? Did I exercise? Did I sweat?”
  • Mindset: Movement is medicine.

– release endorphins or “happy hormones”
– sweat off toxins
– running, zumba, yoga, etc. just to get the juices flowing
– Listen to your body. Know what type of workout you need. (long workout vs HIIT vs active recovery sessions to avoid injuries)


  • Ask yourself: “How am I feeling? Am I anxious? Am I feeling overwhelmed?”
  • Mindset: Quiet the noise.

– close your eyes, inhale, exhale.
– to clear the state of mind and to get enough headspace
– at least try to be in a quiet area to just sit down by listening to the inhalation and exhalation of your breath
– helps relieve anxiety
– a gratitude practice as well
– Download applications: Calm, Headspace, etc.


  • Ask yourself: “Am I spending enough time for myself?“
  • Mindset: If you are not present for yourself, you can’t be present for others.

– Spend time with yourself
– do hobbies/ things that you are passionate about
– This boosts inspiration and creativity

We have to take in consideration that living a healthy lifestyle is a holistic movement and it takes a lot of work. Keep these mindsets close to you as you welcome the new year. In this way, you are able create a sustainable routine for yourself throughout the year.

Again, REST TO RESET. Because if you show up 100% for yourself, this allows you to be more present and give out good energy to all the other aspects in your life.


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