Gift Ideas for Christmas!


It’s getting colder, parols are lining the streets and traffic is getting worse. What better way to feel Christmas is just around the corner!

Having a hard time thinking of the perfect gift? Here’s a list of Christmas gifts you can give to your active fam and homies.

We’ve gathered gift ideas ranging from pang-Kris Kringle to making you the best tito, tita, girlfriend, boyfriend, friendzoned gift-giver this season.

Disclaimer: All prices are subject to change depending on the seller

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1. Kris Kringle

Price Range: P50-200

GU Gels (P98-150)
– Something sticky? Something wet? Gu gels range from P98-150 depending on the flavor/purpose.
– Available in: Toby’s Sports/Runnr

Jump Rope (P174)
– Want to get your friend to start exercising? This jump rope is the perfect gift. Have we mentioned that this only cost P175 Better grab one for yourself as well!
– Available in: Chris Sports

Pinoy Fitness 21K and 42K Shoe Medal (P195)
– Give a medal for that friend who finished a 21km or 42km this year. Also works as motivation for those planning to finish their first 21/42km this 2019.
– Available online at:

Salt Sticks (P195)
– Para sa maalat mong love live *just kidding*. Let’s fend off those cramps during race season in 2019.
– Available in: Toby’s Sports/Runnr

2. Friendzone range gifts

Gifts for crushie that put you in the friendzone. Not too pricey, kase hello–you’re friendzoned nga diba, but not too cheap- baka may pag asa pa.
Price Range: P201-500

Speedlaces Shoelace Race Runner (~P203)
– Baka matalisod siya and ma-fall pa sa iba.
– Available in: Toby’s Sports/Runnr

Pinoy Fitness RUN Trucker Cap (P395)
– So that you can perform and japorm at the same time
– Available online at:

Pinoy Fitness Basic Tess- available in Blue, Green and Red (P495)
– Wear it loud and proud!
– Available online at:

Nuun Hydration Tablets (P350-500)
– Hydration tabs that don’t need any mixing or shaking. That fizz in your drink will surely add more umph to your performance
– Available at:

3. Pa-pogi/Pa-cute range

Trying to impress someone? These gifts will surely give you pogi points!
Price range: P601-1,500

Perfect Cooling Towel (P595)
– Keep cool during race season in 2019 with these self-cooling towels
– Available in: Toby’s Sports/Runnr

Swiftwick Socks (P599)
– Avoid getting blisters by wearing dri-fit socks
– Available in: Toby’s Sports/Runnr

SKLZ Exercise Sliders (P699)
– Amp up your conditioning with the SKLZ Exercise Gliders. These would surely work your muscles like never before.
– Available in: Chris Sports

Core Yoga Mat (P795)
– For days when you need to slow it down, a nice yoga mat will just be what you need
– Available in: Toby’s Sports/Runnr

Fuelbelt (P995)
– A race belt and hydration belt with enough space for a cell phone and keys? Yes please!
– Available in: Toby’s Sports/Runnr

Fitness and Athletics Foam Roller (P1,250)
– When in doubt, roll it out. Perfect equipment to get those knots in your muscles loosened.
– Available in: Chris Sports

4. Last Push- magiging akin ka din

This is just like the last kilometre of your race. Last push for that sweet sweet victory.
Price Range: P1,501-2,500

SKLZ Speed Resistance Training Parachute (P1,699)
– For those looking to level up their performance, some resistance training might just be the key
– Available in: Chris Sports

Fuelbelt Uno Waist Pack (P1,995)
– Oh wait, now the Fuelbelt has a slot for a bottle? No need to stop at hydration stations. Save those precious seconds to clock a new PR this 2019
– Available in: Runnr

SKLZ Hydro-Roller- Foam Roller+ Water Bottle (P1,999)
– Hydration and recovery *rolled* into one
– Available in: Chris Sports

5. Girlfriend/Boyfriend and Tita/Tito Level

In short, Instagram/Facebook-official relationship status or you’re simply a tito/tita to be giving these gifts.
Price Range: P2501- above

Zensah Compression Calf Sleeve (P1,995)
– No room for excuses now on running long miles
– Available in: Toby’s Sports/Runnr

SKLZ SpeedSac- Variable Weight Sprint Trainer (P4,599)
– Pushing through the last few seconds when your legs feel like they’re melting to the ground will now get easier with the SKLZ SpeedSac- Variable Weight Sprint Trainer
– Available in: Chris Sports

Product family render of Fitbit Charge 3 – no logo

Fitbit Charge 3 (>P7,000)
– Perfect for intermediate runners who are looking to drill down more on their efficiency
– Available in: Chris Sports

Brooks New Release of Running Shoes (ranges from P6,295-8,295)
– DNA Loft, DNA AMP, Levitate 2, Ghost 11, Transcend 5, or Glycerin 16
– One of the best motivation to workout is to buy new workout gear
– Available in: Toby’s Sports/Runnr

Shure Bluetooth Headphones (P8,590)
– Queue those power songs to push harder on the last stretch of your run
– Available in: Audiophile

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Go Pro Hero7 Series (P12,925-24,690)
– Go Pro just recently launched the HERO7 series that makes taking shots with minimal shakes so easy!
– Available on: Lazada

5. Husband and Wife

Fenix 5X (P~42,950)
– Fenix5 will be honest with your performance, let you know when something’s up, knows how fast your heart is beating, will help you when you’re lost, and will always look slick. In short, it’s all you ever wished your significant other to be.
– Available at: Garmin Stores

Rapha Jersey (>P10,000 for a set+ plane tickets)
– Did we mention that this is not available in the Philippines? Better bring him/her to LONDON to be able to fit one. Maybe pop the question there too?

Specialized S-Works Shiv (~P800,000)
– What might be better than a diamond ring? A SHINY NEW BIKE!
– Inquiry can be made at Specialized Store located in SM By the Bay (in front of MOA)


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