Unlocking the Powers of Tea


You may have read or heard from someone that drinking tea is a better alternative to other liquid calories like sodas, juices, etc. And it’s true! Tea has healing properties that boost your health, which, as fitness enthusiasts, can help us greatly in our everyday routine. Not to mention the fact that it has very low calorie when drank without sweeteners.

Scientifically, each and every kind of tea actually has a unique characteristic that you can use to your advantage. Some teas are good for digestion, some act like a menthol that soothes colds, and some even help you lose weight faster! Knowing their benefits can allow you to unlock their power by being aware of which tea to take depending on your needs.

We listed down different types of teas and its effect. Check them out:


1. Black Tea

Main Power: Antioxidant

Black teas are a source of antioxidants called polyphenols. These organic chemicals may help prevent certain kinds of cancer as it protects the DNA from damages. If you have noticed, as well, this is what most Iced Teas are made of, along with other antioxidants like berries.

2. Green Tea

Main Power: Weight Reduction

Greens are always good and it is definitely so with Green Teas. Drink this before sleeping or after a meal because it helps your body metabolize fats faster; all thanks to its richness in catechins. Just remember: don’t drink this on an empty stomach!

3. White Tea

Main Power: Healthy Skin

Although White Tea has more catechins than Green Tea, this tea is lighter in terms of taste and caffeine-level. Its leaves are processed differently that resulted in having more concentrated properties while still maintaining a light component. It’s purity aids in cleansing your skin, keeping it hydrated, and restoring tissues.

4. Oolong Tea

Main Power: Mental Alertness

Oolong Tea is rich in caffeine. In fact, one cup can have an amount of 16mg to 55mg caffeine. With that quantity, you’ll be sure to be mentally alert throughout the day as it is proven to improve brain performance. If you’re looking for an alternative to coffee, Oolong Tea is perfect!

5. Rice Tea

Main Power: Relaxation

Rice Tea or Genmaicha Tea is actually green tea brewed with brown rice kernels. If you think that it makes little difference, it actually heightens its theanine, which taps receptors in your brain to calm it down. This is usually served in Japanese Restaurants.

6. Jasmine Tea

Main Power: Body Tension Reliever

Much like Genmaicha Tea, Jasmine tea is prepared by infusing green tea with jasmine flowers. The very scent of Jasmine Flowers is scientifically proven to be beneficial as stress-relief. However, it doesn’t just affect the brain, it also relieves tension in the body. For people experiencing sore and painful muscles, Jasmine Tea could help.

7. Chamomile Tea (ka/mo/mile)

Main Power: Sleep Induction

Chamomile Tea is known for its sleep-inducing effect. Drinking this flowery tea can make you calm and ready to sleep. A cup of this before bedtime and you’ll be waking up feeling more refreshed. Chamomile tea is good for people with insomnia since it can be an alternative to hot milk (as they say hot milk also helps regulate sleeping patterns).

8. Echinacea Tea (e/ki/nay/sih/ya)

Main Power: Remedy to cold

If you have a cold or flu, the alkamides found in Echinacea Tea will improve your immune system as it can counter bacterias causing your cold. Combat flu season by drinking this daily!

9. Lemon Ginger Tea

Main Power: Remedy to sore throat

Drinking hot Lemon Ginger Tea is the best homemade solution for sore throats. Lemon and ginger are a common remedy for sore throats and even runny nose, so making a tea out of these two will heighten the effect. Add raw honey if you want more flavor out of this tea!

10. Pu-err Tea

Main Power: Cholesterol reducer

Recent studies discovered that Pu-err Tea produces a chemical called lovastatin. It lowers the bad cholesterol and increases the good kind which is ideal for people who have higher cholesterol than normal. Of course, drinking this along with the medication prescribed by your doctor is the right way to go.

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