10 Pinoy Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re a Runner


Some of us are guilty of binge scrolling our feed for hours on end – passing through pictures of good food, latest fashion, beautiful travel spots, cute dogs, etc. There are times that browsing too much on social media while not doing any physical activity for too long gives us the so called “tamaditis” where we just get too lazy to run.

But what if all you need in your IG feed is to see a running photo to remind you of your running goals? What if all you need is a little inspiration from other runners to put your shoes on and actually go for a run?

The problem though is with the multitude of #fitspiration on Instagram right now, choosing which accounts to follow can get pretty confusing and challenging. That’s why the Pinoy Fitness team took the time to select our top 10 IG accounts to follow if you’re a runner.

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1. Mary Joy Tabal

Mary Joy Tabal is a SEA Games Gold Medalist, 5-time national Milo Marathon Queen, a 2016 Rio Olympian, and a Philippine Marathon Record Holder. Her IG account documents pretty much the hardship she has experienced in training and the rewards that come with it. Follow her to see what “grit” in training really means.

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2. Nikko Huelgas

Two-time SEA gold medalist in triathlon, Chairman of the Philippine National Athlete’s Commission, commercial model, and motivational speaker -Nikko Huelgas is indeed one of the famous faces of Philippine Sports. Not only will you see a lot of biking, swimming, and running in his IG account, you’ll also be inspired by how passionate he is about winning for the country.

3. Jaymie Pizarro

Also known as The Bull Runner, Jaymie Pizarro is one of the people who pioneered the rise of running in the Philippines. She is famous for being the founder of The Bull Runner Marathon, a full marathon that is exclusive for first-time and second-time marathoners, and for being the 1st Filipino World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher. Follow her IG to get a glimpse of how The Bull Runner continuously cross train, run, and be hands-on in the TBR marathon.

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4. Coach Rio de la Cruz

Behind the afro logo in any Runrio race and the so-called “Afroman” distance, is the Afroman himself, Coach Rio Dela Cruz. Being one of the pioneering race organizers in the Philippines and now spearheading several races, coach Rio has become an icon in the Philippine running scene. His IG content is a good balance of his love for running, their adorable family portraits, and his passion for cars as well.

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5. Chix Dijamco

Chix Dijamco is a part-time event organizer and full-time runner. Her IG feed is mostly photographs of the races she has joined captioned with unique experiences in each. She also runs her own blog so for those of you thinking about joining a marathon, don’t forget to take a few minutes to read her marathon story!

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6. Jael Wenceslao

Jael Wenceslao is a businessman with a big heart for running. His Instagram account is a documentation of the crazy things he does for the love of running- some of which includes him running 250 kilometers in one day, 4 marathons in a matter four days, and well, even running in two countries in one day.

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7. Kim Atienza

More than being the Matanglawin and Showtime host, Kuya Kim is also amongst the first Filipino Celebrity who got bit by the running bug. Follow his IG account to be updated with how a TV personality like him keeps up with marathon and triathlon training on top of his busy life as a celebrity.

8. Coach Norman Pascual

Coach Norman is famous for transforming couch potatoes to certified triathletes. With his love for traveling and racing, you’ll surely be inspired to get on a road trip or a flight to your next race-cation.

9. Alexandra Faith Garcia

A member of the Century Tuna Trihard team, Faith Garcia is a certified podium finisher triathlete who also happens to be a Beauty Queen. Faith’s IG account shows pictures of her looking like a very poised model in one snap and like the hardcore triathlete that she is in the next.

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10. Pinoy Fitness

And of course, the cap off our top 10 list is the Pinoy Fitness IG account. From motivational quotes, new running gears, and the latest running trends, our IG feed is cut for Filipino runners. Follow us on Instagram to be updated with Pinoy Fitness races and merchandise, see new places to run, and read captions that are simple reminders to live life to the fullest.

There are so many #fitspiration to follow on Instagram these days – each of them showcasing their healthy and fit body patiently acquired through their different sports and fitness routines. Hopefully, this list has helped you guys to get a head start in tailoring your IG feed to the one thing we’re most passionate about – running.


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