Fittest Moms to Follow on Instagram


Fittest Moms to Follow on Instagram

Being a mom is no easy task. However, if you ask any mother out there if they love what they do, more or less they would likely say that they would choose being a mother over anything any day and any time of the week. With the constant love and care they give their children and not to mention the work they have to put in, we wonder, where do they get the time for themselves? Being a great mother is one thing, but to be one while being well shaped and fit is the ultimate fitness goal for many moms out there.

Here are the fittest moms on Instagram we can get some motivation from this Mother’s Day.

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1. Aubrey Miles

A mother with abs? Nope, not “A Big Stomach” but literally abs is something Aubrey Miles can be proud of. It takes dedication and hard work to be as fit as she is and doing this while being a mother to her two kids is exemplary.

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2. Hilary Isaac

Being a mom to her little boy plus juggling herself as a TV/event host, motivational speaker, bikini competitor and fitness athlete is something we can look up to in Hilary Isaac. The ultimate fitness mom reminds us all that your day is never too busy to live fit and healthy.

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3. Jackie Go

Having two kids plus staying in shape is not an easy task unless if you have the drive and determination of Jackie Go, who believes that consistency in training is the key. Despite having a busy schedule daily, the mom of two always finds a way to squeeze in her daily workout.

4. Jaymie Pizarro

How amazing is it that this mother of two is a World Marathon Major finisher? Not only is she a runner but also a writer for her website Pizarro is also known as the first Filipino to finish the World Marathon Majors Six Star races. Talk about girl power, this mom can surely run her way around the world.

5. Iya Villania

Despite recently giving birth, Iya Villania sure lost her baby weight real quick. The just recent mother runs races, bikes, workouts and finds herself now carrying her cute little baby.

6. Dyan Castillejo

Speaking about women empowerment, Dyan Castillejo sure knows how to set an example for her kid. A sports reporter and not to mention a tennis player, who has represented the Philippines in world wide tournaments has never kept her away from being a hands on mother to her teenage son Matthew.

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7. Ina Raymundo

Having 5 kids has yet to stop Ina Raymundo, who does Zumba to keep her body fit and healthy. If you’re looking for motivation, check out her Instagram for a number of zumba steps to various international music.

8. Jennylyn Mercado

Arnis, pilates, boxing, running, swimming, you name it. Jen Mercado stays fit with all these workouts as she continues to not only get herself into fitness, but also her son, Jazz as well. No better way to bond with your kids then by getting them involved into health and fitness.

All these mothers sure have perfected the art of balancing motherhood while staying fit and healthy. Surely, there’s nothing better than being a healthy mother not only for yourself, but also for your children. So, this Mother’s Day, what’s your plan? One good choice is to get out there and bond with your kids through sports and fitness.


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