What actually happens in Color Manila Run


What actually happens in Color Manila Run?

A LOT OF FUN! I honestly can’t remember the last time I joined a 5K fun run, actually, if I remember correctly it’s actually Color Manila as well last 2013.

Most of us nowadays run a half-marathon by default, that’s why even races like Color Manila added a 21K category distance this year, but sometimes running shorter distances like a 5K or a 10K does have its advantages.

1. It’s a great way to invite new friends to run

Sometimes newbie runners gets easily intimidated when we tell them stories about the distances we run weekly, some get discouraged and others try to push too much too soon. Races like this is a great venue to introduce running to friends and relatives. Run with them, and pace them, maybe give them tips along the way.

2. You don’t really run… seriously.

Honestly, in races like Color Manila (unless you joined the 21K distance), you don’t really “run”, well not seriously anyway, the race is designed so that runners take mandatory stops at “color stations” to play with colors and activities within the area.

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This actually helps newbie runners to focus on the fun activities than the actual running, normally they get surprised that the race is already over with full smiles on their faces, and hopefully fuelling their desire for another race.

3. You take home an awesome medal and some great memories

In serious races, we remember our best race time or our longest distances, but in fun runs, we remember the time and moments we share together with our friends and family (and how much color we actually put on them), and being able to achieve something together with them, now that also deserves a medal.

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It’s Jackie’s first 5K, and this is the first time we (Chappy, Kelly, Nikki, Jackie and Me) actually ran together, I’m hoping to get all of them to run a marathon someday (maybe not too soon) :D

Remember, not all runs are meant to be raced, some are really just meant to be enjoyed and a way to create great memories together with your loved ones.

So what’s your next race?


  1. Hi Jeff!

    Ill be attending the color manila this sunday and i was wondering if you could give some tips on what stuff i should bring? Im not really sure if i should bring change of clothes, since i dont wanna bring a lot of stuff while running so.. was hoping you could offer some advise ? Thanks!


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