7 Bad Habits Runners have to Break


7 Bad Habits Runners have to Break

Magbago na tayo, bes. Be a smarter, healthier runner this year (and beyond!) by breaking these habits that hinder you from being the best you can be.

#1 Not getting enough sleep.

You have a scheduled race/long run on a Saturday morning and you still party on a Friday night. Lack of sleep can affect your mental focus, immune system, and recovery time. Your performance will ultimately be compromised.

#2 Running too much, too soon.

If you just came from an injury or are a newbie runner thinking about running a half marathon (!) anytime soon, perhaps you should consider taking it easy. Give yourself time to get into the groove of things. Races will always be there.

#3 Not getting the proper nutrition.

Many runners reward themselves after a run with a big, unhealthy meals. Maximize the benefits of your workout by eating smart.


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#4 Taking skin care for granted.

Whether it’s just for 20 minutes or a grueling 4 hours, better apply sunblock before heading out for a run. Being a bad-ass runner means your skin looks healthy and radiant, too.

#5 Ignoring pain or discomfort until it’s too late.

A lot of runners ignore aches and pains or self-medicate, not realizing that it could lead to something serious. If the discomfort lingers for three days or more, it’s best to consult a doctor.

#6 Not pacing.

Don’t be gigil to finish a race only to lose steam towards the end because you didn’t run according to your pace. Stick to your race plan; patience and consistency are important for a strong race finish.

#7 Skipping stretching after a run.

Stretching loosens muscles post-run and helps prevent injury.

So, what bad habits are you breaking this year?


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