Making #FoodPorn : Top Smartphone camera Tricks to take that perfect Foodtrip Shot

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Making #FoodPorn : Top Smartphone camera tricks to take that perfect Foodtrip Shot

Christmas is literally just around the corner and everyone’s busy decorating their homes and preparing Noche Buena menu since September! One classic Filipino tradition is taking pictures of the food — and the best time to do this is on Noche Buena, of course!

You don’t have to worry if you don’t own a camera when you got a smartphone in your hand! Follow these #Foodporn camera phone tips so you can take the best angle of your mom’s Noche Buena spread without filtering, editing or compromising quality!

1. Play around with Christmas Props!

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Get the perfect Christmas #FoodPorn shot by mixing up a few Christmas Props together with your Holiday Feast.

2. Look for the Right Lighting

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Make sure your subject is well lit, find a spot in your house or restaurant where there is enough lighting to bring out the color in your food.

3. Rule of Thirds


Employ the rule of thirds, avoid putting our subject dead center of the photo, imagine drawing 2 horizontal line and 2 vertical lines across the photo making three columns, three rows and nine sections in the image. The main subject of the photo (the bacon) is placed on or near of the intersections of the imaginary lines.


4. Take a Closer Shot

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Take that perfect “bokeh” shots but zooming in to the actual subject, modern smartphones now has the capability to do this without the use of an SLR. It’s a perfect way to highlight the best dish of the fiesta.

5. Flat lay All The Way!

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Last but not least, do a Flat Lay. Play around with different dish layouts to give you that perfect noche buena shot.


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