Swim, Bike and Run at the Tri Temple



Swim, Bike and Run at the Tri Temple

With slippery and muddied pavements in this storm-season, it could be a challenge to keep with your training, good thing there are indoor facilities like the Tri Temple in Chino Roces for Tri-athletes or just fitness enthusiasts.

What does Tri Temple offer?


The Power Lab and Sufferfest.

The Powerlab is an indoor cycling studio. It offers cycling classes to cyclists and athletes of all levels using “The Sufferfest” training videos.

You can choose from base training, endurance, climbing, speed and race simulation. These high-intensity interval training programs are designed to make you better and stronger at the comforts of an indoor setting.


Tri Temple also offers a power-based training program and coaching for those who want to improve their efficiency and power output in the bike. Classes are conducted by Coach Raoul Floresca, ITU Level 1 triathlon coach and co-owner of the TRI temple.

In order to train, you need to bring your own bike (and training wheel if you have one), hydration, nutrition (for workouts more than 1 hour), towel and fresh legs.

Because you will be using your own power output as your basis for your efforts during each workout, it is strongly recommended that you do not come to the Power Lab sick, fatigued or sore.

Rates: 450/single session
Prepaid: 2,000 for 5 sessions
Prepaid: 3,500 for 10 sessions
Validity: 30 days


Bike selection begins with a short interview to find out the rider’s skill level, how he plans to use the bike (road/trail, recreation/racing, etc) and budget. From here, we narrow down our recommendations for the rider to try out.

Brand selections include; Cervelo, Pinarello, Felt and State cycles
Cycling: 3T, Profile design, Ceegees, Fizik, Speedfil, Torhans, Cobb cycling, ISM, Look, Speedplay, Finish line, Muc-off, Shimano, Continental, Michelin, Lezyne, Blackburn, Kinetic trainer


Swim Lab

The Swim Lab is the first and only swim stroke diagnostic facility of its kind in the country. Here, swim coaches can take real time videos of swimmers as they swim against a controlled current. By taking videos and analyzing them together with the swimmer, coaches are able to pinpoint areas of improvement in swim technique.


Rates: swim only 500/30 minutes
Swim plus video 1,000/30 mins (video is a 1-minute clip from 3 angles)
Stroke analysis with coach: we charge the coach only so the student pays the coach’s fee only.


For athletes who do not have a swim coach yet, Tri Temple has partnered with swim coaches like Noy Basa of Streamline Sports Instruction and Moi Yamoyam of The Swim Academy.

For more information about Tri Temple, you can contact them via Mobile/Viber: 09286578266, Facebook: The Tri Temple or Email [email protected]

MAKEUP by Janka Cederstam
STYLING by Carl Pabilona and Ryan Gullem



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