Trail Running the Mountains of Rizal



One of my personal goals this year is to try and include more outdoor running or perhaps to climb more peaks, so when Jael Wenceslao marketing head of the upcoming Rizal Mountain Run and owner of 100 Miles Cafe called me up if I’m willing to do a private recon run for the upcoming race on Feb 28, I immediately said Yes!


I’ve never been to San Mateo Rizal, but I heard from other trail runners and mountain bikers that the area offers a great view of the Rizal mountain ranges and a challenge route.


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We did approximately 12KM or the 15KM (shortest distance) of the race in reverse, starting at Wawa Dam and finishing at BaseKamp, the course offers a variety of challenges from long uphill climbs, to wide dirt roads, some river crossing and single track trails. If 15KM is too short for some seasoned trail runners, the race also offers a mid range 30KM and an Ultra Trail distance of 50KM

Watch the short clip of the recon run below:

All in all, it was a great experience running the trails of Rizal, Great View and a good escape from the usual paved roads of Manila. For those who wants to experience this themselves the Rizal Mountain Run is happening on February 28.

Registration details can be found here: Rizal Mountain Run


Many thanks to Jael, Aldrean and Team for the Wonderful Trail Experience.

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