#AeroIsEverything – Introducing the new Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS




When I heard about the new campaign of Specialized #AeroIsEverything, immediately the first thing that came to my mind is that it is promoting aerodynamics as a key differentiating factor for their products, this is my initial understanding, however, after a quick chat with Mark Cote the Global Road Brand Manager for Specialized, I quickly realized how I totally misunderstood this new campaign.

It all started when Specialized invested on their very own “WIN Tunnel”, if you have ever seen the F1 wind testing facility, the Specialized “WIN Tunnel” it’s similar to that, only this one was made specifically to test bicycles.

Having their very own WIN Tunnel, specialized was able to freely test all type of equipment, apparel, bike, and practically anything the engineers can think of that can help improve aerodynamics and decrease wind drag. Yes anything, so we asked Mark if they have tested if shaving your legs actually make you faster, the answer? Watch the video…


With a broader understanding of the #AeroIsEverything campaign, we now understood that given all things equal (training, built, terrain), speed is then dependent on how AERO you can be, and being AERO means everything and anything you bring into your ride, not just the bike, but everything else including your helmet, wheels, shoes, apparel, what you put on your top tube, shaving your legs… etc.



With the WIN Tunnel Technology, Specialized just recently lauched the new S-Works Venge ViAS (Venge Integrated Aero System), together with a full line of accessories, the S-Works Evade helmet, the Evade GC Skinsuit and the ergonomically designed S-Works 6 footwear, all WIN Tunnel tested that can save you five minutes in a 40-kilometer ride. Yes, 5-minutes!



The new S-Works Venge ViAS was Born in the Win Tunnel, re-designed from top to bottom to make the Venge the fastest road bike Specialized has ever built, making it 120 seconds faster than a Tarmac SL4 over 40 kilometers.


Royal CLX 64 & S-Works Turbo – Designed to interface with the world’s fastest tire, the S-Works Turbo, the CLX 64 is the fastest road race wheel/tire system ever developed.


Zero Drag Brakes – Integrated and re-designed break system that creates zero additional drag while achieving best-in-class stopping power and modulation.


ViAS Cockpit – The Aerofly ViAS cockpit features a negative 17-degree stem in order to provide the optimal aerodynamic profile.

Truly the new S-Works Venge ViAS is beautifully designed to be the fastest road bike ever built by Specialized. The S-Works Venge ViAS comes with a $12,900 (approximately P603,500) price tag, and will soon be available in the Philippines.

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  1. I shave my leg once a week. Im not sure if it makes me faster but one thing for sure i have prettier legs than most of the women runners ha ha U0001f60d


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