I started running to lose weight, but now it’s part of my lifestyle


I started running to lose weight, but now it’s part of my lifestyle
by: JC Cantos

Our metabolism rate slows down as we age. I wasn’t aware of that until I experienced it myself.

From grade school to college, I had a relatively small body frame. I barely reach a body weight of 100 lbs. regardless of what I eat. A few years later, when I was 25, I started gaining weight drastically. When I turned 27, I found out that I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which is commonly linked to weight gain.

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My clothes no longer fit.

My friend’s grandma asked how many children I have, assuming that I have more than one child when I don’t even have one. The most offensive would be when a relative made a remark, laughing at me, and said “Ang taba- taba mo! Hindi ka ba nahihiya?”


I reached 120 lbs. and that was when I got really bothered and made serious conscious efforts to act on it and lose at least 10 lbs. In 2011, I started avoiding rice and was able to live with that for 3 years. I went to the gym almost every day and I also did juicing. In the end, though, I was left frustrated with the results.


Then came September 2014; I finally had enough time to run regularly because my work schedule eased up. I ditched the elliptical in the gym and went to conquer the roads.

Believe me, the struggle was REAL! I thought I was going to DIE when I tried running 3 kms! Good thing I took it easy and just ran at a comfortable pace (8:10/km), without any pressure on myself and not minding my average time. I gradually added a few meters to my initial 3 kms., which I thought was dreadful at the beginning. I then increased my running distance everytime I get a chance to run, until I got the hang of it. My average pace improved at 7:38/km. That was when I really started enjoying to be out there, running, while watching a gorgeous sunset, appreciating the nature’s beauty, seeing other happy and friendly runners. I realized, life is indeed better when you’re running.

Since then, I have this “distance mindset” everytime I go out for a run, starting at 5 kms. up to 7 kms. I then told my self that I have to finish a marathon sometime soon. On October 4, 2014 I joined my friends in a running clinic where I learned about the 3:1 (3 minute run, 1 minute walk) interval run taught by coach Lit Onrubia. Two weeks after applying the 3:1 interval run, I was able to run 10 kms! That was one of the initial steps I took to achieve my dream.

The first ever fun run I joined was the New Balance Power Run 2014. I was actually hesitant to sign up because I still had doubts about my abilities or if I can at least finish the run without injuries. I just went with it and thankfully, I was able to run 16 kms (7:12/km)! I felt fulfilled and victorious at the end!

December 20, 2014, was the first time I ran 21kms along with all the dreamers during their 4th Bull Session. Hey, that was a half marathon right there! From that ‘dreadful’ 3kms to a tremendous 21kms! *fireworks*

That same month, when I stepped on the weighing scale, it read 102lbs!!!

image8 (1)

Looking back to a year ago, my main purpose for running was to lose weight, but now it has become a habit, a part of my lifestyle and a way to unwind alone or with my friends.


Clichè as it may sound, but we are not getting any younger. Aside from the decrease in our metabolism rate, our overall health condition is also highly affected. Having an active lifestyle is really important and it starts from making the decision to live that life. Next is to stay committed and to be consistent in our efforts, no more excuses. There are people with worse schedules than us who are able to spare at least 30 minutes of their time to go to the gym or to go out for a run or even at least do simple home workouts. To look good and feel good must be a part of everybody’s lifestyle. — END

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  1. Very inspiring. :)
    Ako naman I ran because I liked it but I never thought it would help me gain weight naman. I was barely 94lbs (from 112lbs) 4 months ago. Ngayon normal na ulit.
    Running is

  2. Great! That’s what i did also. i run 5k early in the morning from tuesday to friday then bike saturday and sunday monday is my rest day


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