5 Tips to Fight DOMS and Recover Faster



5 Tips to Fight DOMS and Recover Faster

Remember the pain after your First 5K? Or that moment when you can hardly walk for days after your first half-marathon? Assuming you’re doing your training and workouts correctly, the pain you’re experiencing is what we commonly call DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

DOMS is most common when you perform a workout for the first time. I still remember back in 2010 after I tried to jog my first 5K. I couldn’t walk properly for a week. Same thing happened when I tried CrossFit in 2011.

For some, this pain is actually an indication that you’re doing something right. It’s a natural way our body is telling us that we actually ‘worked’ the muscle and now it’s time to repair and recover to make them stronger.


Depending on how often you train specific muscles, DOMS can last for a day and extend to a week. Though, if recovery becomes long, it can actually set back your training, so the trick is train smart and recover fast.

Tips on how to Treat DOMS to recover faster

1. Don’t forget to Stretch – Specially after a run or workout. Stretching properly after every workout helps loosen up tight muscles and reduce muscle soreness.

2. Hot and Cold Compress – Alternating both Hot and Cold compress for 15 minutes on the affected muscle, this treatment is effective in improving blood circulation to improve muscle recuperation.

3. Get a Light Massage – Gentle massaging of the sore muscles can help reduce muscle tightness and improve blood circulation; this can help reduce the duration of DOMS

4. Roll it Out – Foam rolling has been known to be an effective method to release muscle tightness.

5. Take Ibuprofen – When you need to recover fast, and the above techniques are not enough, you can take over-the-counter painkillers like Advil Liqui-gel. Ibuprofen relieves muscle soreness and helps reduce the effect of DOMS.


Personally, I take Advil Liqui-gel together while doing tips 1-4, if I need additional help to recover faster so I can continue my training. It’s stronger than paracetamol and the Liqui-gel formula makes Advil almost 3x faster to be absorbed by the body compared to ordinary tablets. Thus, I get fast relief from muscle soreness!

So don’t let DOMS get in the way of your training, always be prepared and make sure you have the right equipment and medicine to help you recover faster.

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