Team Drago Pilipinas Conquers the 4th Leg of the Under Armour Challenge Series



It’s not how you start, but how you finish it! That was the battle cry for the 4th Leg of the Under Armour Challenge Series when Team Drago Pilipinas and Team SEALS of Anytime Fitness where set to battle on how fast they can complete the Spartan Circuit of Fort Rock Fitness.

Each team is composed of 10 members, each member need to complete the course starting with a row machine, then burpees, wheel throw, then burpees, hurdles, then burpees, sledgehammer swings, then burpees, monkey bars then burpees, ball squats, then burpees, sandbag carry, then burpees, rope pull, then burpees… Did we mention burpees?

Fitness Trainer Elle Adda leads the pack of Team Drago with a commanding lead, Team SEAL put in a great effort to catch up, but Team Drago still emerged victorious, completing the Under Armour Spartan Circuit Challenge at amazing speed.


Congratulations Team Drago Pilipinas!

Well Done Team SEALS (Anytime Fitness)

Some Photos From the Event:

Drago Pilipinas with Coach Aries Fonacier of Fort Rock Fitness


With Lovely Z Villarin and Joanne Ignacio


Power Yoga Session with Fitness Trainer Elle Adda

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