Reverse Palace (Nuvali-to-Tagaytay) Bike Ride



Last week some of my friends and teammates decided to do the Nuvali to Tagaytay Reverse Palace ride on a Road Bike. We never really tried this route before because we thought the road was more suitable for mountain bikes until a mountain biker friend told us that it’s actually ride-able.

There are 2 rough road areas around the 45KM loop though, about 200 meters in length each, one just after the Palace in the Sky in Nuvali, and another just when you’re about to reach Tagaytay.


Maximum elevation is 676 meters then it’s a smooth ride back down to Nuvali, you can also take a quick pit stop at Aling Pina’s for some Lugaw + Egg.


Aling Pinas

Aling Pinas 2

If you’re looking for a scenic and challenging route in Nuvali-Tagaytay area, make sure to try this route.

Here’s a quick video summary of our ride:

Enjoy! Leave a message about your experience about this route!

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