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Ban Marathon change

Rashmarie Macarambon from the Philippines recently created a petition in Change.Org, an international platform for change to Ban Marathons to help our economy and mother nature.

Ms. Macarambon’s reasons are:
1. Marathon events cause traffic that is the main reason why workers arrive late for work and eventually get fired.
2. Traffic also delays food that needs to be delivered to the public market causing the loss of business.
3. Traffic causes more pollution.
4. Cups thrown during the events are thrown along the streets that eventually is the source of flooding.

Read about her full petition here: Change.Org

What do you think about this petition? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. hala.! nagaganap ang mga funruns/marathons ng SUNDAYS and masyadong maaga. Huwag sana isisi sa marathons ang pagkalate kung may work man ng sundays. GIGIMIK gimik tapos kapag late kasalanan ng mananakbo. wag ganon! :-D

  2. 1. Marathons don’t cause traffic. Too many cars on the road at the same time is. And too many cars on the road is a function of our Govertment’s policy towards the car industry. Car production and sales has not been regulated in the Phils because of the fact that it is a source of income for our government to increase their pork barrels. And car tax is big. If you regulate car production, the oil industry will be greatly affected as well. And do you know how much our government is taxing every liter of gas/diesel/etc? If you take this out of the equation, all politicians will get sick.
    2. Same as above. You should be more worried of how the government spends your hard earned tax than the food to get into your belly.
    3. Vehicles are not the only culprits in pollution. You have a lot of contributors – big industries using fossil fuels to power up their operations, energy generating plants (especially coal fired plants), and of course the last but not the least, those coming from domestic households.
    4. Flooding is caused by the stupid uneducated illiterates who throw their garbage anywhere thinking that someone will always pick it up for them. These jobless a-holes who throws garbage around, mugs our children, robs establishments, sells drugs, builds a house in somebody else’s land, sleeps everywhere, begs in the streets, in general, puts a hard time on us and our economy, are the beneficiaries of the hard earned tax we pay to our beloved government.

  3. Sa mga pasyal mode sa race ano dahilan bkit di maitapon sa basurahan? Kung pr target pwede pa na palagpasin. Ako nga tina try ko itapon sa basurahan kapag pasyal pr mode. Mejo mahirap lng sa pr mode magtapon kze minsan nahuhulog sa basurahan.

  4. I understand why the petitioner has created this. The Philippines is not a developing country like NYC, HI, Chicago…..
    She does not need to be a runner either to have such concerns so it is irrelevant.
    In the Philippines competitive running and not to mention road races in general are meant for a very small percentage of the population; those with pera.
    With more than half of it’s population in desperate poverty I understand her argument.
    Running as a sport ie races is an expensive sport. From apparel, to electronics and of course race fees – it adds up.
    Do some of the races raise funds to go towards the livelihood of Filipinos, social issues, the environment? These are some questions I would ask. Do any of the running organizations give back to the surrounding communities in which the races are hosted?
    So, yes as a runner myself and as a Filipina, I understand where she is coming from. To ban marathons is likely impossible but perhaps folks should consider her concerns from a humanitarian and philanthropic approach.
    Just saying………

  5. Rubbish. Though i agree on the cup thing. People should learn to dispose them properly. Kung maayos yun kunknatin buong petition.

  6. I think she’s just a disgruntled motorist who probably got caught in the path where marathons were held one time too many!

  7. Hindi ba nakakabuti sa economy ang marathons? Gaano na po ba kadami ang mga sports apparel na nag i invest sa pinas dati adidas at nike lang. Ngayun may Asics, Saucony, Newton at iba’t iba pang running shoes. Mga sport gear tulad ng Under Armor. Diba millions din ang investment nila sa Ating bansa?
    Pero ang pinakamagandang naidudulot ng marathon sa economy ay ang pag kakaroon ng mga company ng mas Healthy and Productive employees or personnel. Kapag runner ang empleyado mas matibay ang pangangatawan. Mas madalas pumasok kesa mag Sick leave. At kapag may sasalihang marathon mas ganadong magtrabaho para makaipon ng pang registration fee.
    Ang ibang kumpanya nga may nakalaang budget para health and wellness ng kanilang mga empleyado.

  8. Marathon events is not the major cause of traffic jam,late to work or what so ever una sa lahat sunday lagi ginaganap ang marathon at madaling araw pa bakit pag walng marathon dami parin late sa work laging parin traffic.

  9. In rbp and mbg, pinasikat na rin yan, we do not know what she’s after but whatever it is, she’s not getting any support from the cycling group nor any of the tri grpups

  10. Nonsense. hahaha. ipapa-banned nya? dahil sa mga rason na nabanggit nya? o dahil hindi na sya makabili ng madaming singlet para maibenta nya ng mas mahal. si rashmarie macarambon a.k.a “tubong lugaw” hehehe

  11. No matter where we go in this World, there are some people against races for same reasons. I think opposite. Running races promote many positive things to Philippines and rest of World. Bring in many foreigners and local people, they will spend money on Hotels, restaurants, transportations and shopping….most of all , it is for the health of people. I totally disagree with Rashmarie Macarambon of banning Marathon petition. However, I must say that because of the roads condition in Philippines, it won’t hurt to give some consideration of the time limits to complete the races. We as runners should build up your ability to run within certain time limits for 5 k, 10 k, 20 k , 42 k… to complete. Remember , we share the roads…..

  12. di pumasok ka ng mas maaga para di ka malate kung may pasok ka man ng linggo…hahahaha…

    2. lagi naman traffic sa pinas may marathon o it doesn’t affect..

    3. Polluted na tlga sa wala ka ng magagawa dun unless ipagbawal MO ang paggamit ng sasakyan at ikaw na mismo magparusa sa mga taong nagkakalat or maybe you’re one of the people who are throwing their trashes everywhere..In every marathon naman nililinis nila ung pinaggawan ng event so walang kaso un..

    4. Matagal ng bumabaha sa pilipinas hindi kasalanan ng mga tumatakbo un. and still may marathon o wala nagkakaroon pa rin ng floods and shiz….

    at ang NUMBER 5 ko….
    Manahimik ka na lang kung wala ka naman masasabing maganda.
    Or better yet make a way on how you can solve your issues by yourself. 

  13. I really can’t believe anyone is this stupid. How about this; sit around getting fat, eating junk food, driving around, and sucking in more traffic fumes?
    Nope … Run and supporting health and fitness each and every day.

  14. Is she the one who was caught in a buy and sell running site selling RU prepaid cards twice the original price????? Ha ha ha the nerve, stupid nonsensical person ;(

  15. The most moronic, irrelevant, uber duper timawa act I have ever heard!!!!! Attention seeker, scalper, breathing on an idle and idiot intelligence!!!

  16. Mukhang sobra nga naman petition nya. Pero may point sya na sa pagkamainstream na ng mga run at iba pang athlethic events may kasamang significant impact ito sa environment or sa ibang tao so malaki ang responsilbilities ng organizers para naman hindi ito maging malaking istorbo. Bilang isang tumatakbo naman let’s do our part. Kung gaano tayo ka enthusiastic sa physical fitness sana ganoon din sa environment. Hardcore ka nga balashubas ka naman magkalat. Matatalo ka ba sa race kung itatapon mo ng maayos sa basurahan yung cup mo? Malaki ba delay sa PR mo? Takbo lang  ng takbo pero wag sana tayo selfish guys. The same thing can be said about responsible mountaineering. To health & the environment!


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