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Brooks Ghost 7 was designed with three factors in mind, balance, cushioning and lightweight materials, this neutral running shoe is a perfect companion if you’re planning to run long distances, but also light enough to use just in case you decide to pick up the pace.

The Ghost 7 weighs only 10.4oz with a midsole drop of 12mm, it’s ideal for runners with normal pronation, but since I under-pronate, my secret is to compensate by inserting SPENCO Stability Insoles that allows me to run with most neutral shoes.


Running with the Ghost 7 was effortless, after a couple of 10K training runs, I enjoyed how the shoe feels around my feet, its light yet provides just enough cushioning for support and it also allows a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

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Brooks’ exclusive new Kaleidoscope collection draws inspiration from the kaleidoscope’s evolving explosion of shapes and colors, introducing a signature pattern designed by Brooks. Fresh pops of color and print have been applied to the company’s core running shoe models including the Adrenaline GTS 15 and Ghost 7.

“The Kaleidoscope collection is a bold new representation of the always moving artwork found when gazing through a kaleidoscope,” said Shane Downey, Brooks Senior Business Manager. “Inspired by this moving display of shapes and colors as well as the masterpiece that runners create every time they lace up their shoes, we’ve created a signature print that we will continue to bring to life with different color variations in future seasons.”

To be honest, I’m not a fan of super flashy colors, but to those who does, the Kaleidoscope collection provides runners with a line of running shoes that will turn heads with speed and style.

The Kaleidoscope collection will be available for men and women in the following style and color combinations:

Men’s Collection:

Women’s Collection:

The new Kaleidoscope collection is EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE for a LIMITED TIME at RUNNR BHS, ATC, and Trinoma and Coming soon at RUNNR Cebu, select Toby’s Sports, and select SM Department stores. For availability and additional information about the collection, you may visit and contact Brooks at https://www.facebook.com/brooksrunningPH.

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