This is why you should NEVER celebrate until you cross the finish-line



This is why you should never celebrate victory until you ACTUALLY CROSS the finish-line.

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  1. I cant access pinoy fitness website sa phone ko.. lageng may error. Pero pag ibang sites okay naman. Huhu

  2. …reminded me of a silver medal I once bagged in college (100-meter dash) when I did exactly the same thing even though I knew the other guy was right behind me. hahaha… What can I do? I was just having fun. I have no regrets but anyway, after that I never ran again.

  3. during my college years i did the same but with a different twist ..i chased the frontrunner furiously and almost won..i may have lost but i won the hearts of ilocanos including their gov. at that time..governor rodolfo farinas


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