Half of EDSA will be closed for Bikes and Pedestrians on June 28


Photo c/o Rappler

According to the recent news from Rappler, The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced last June 22, that they will close down Half of EDSA on June 28 for a road-sharing scheme experiment.

On June 28 from 12am to 11:59PM, both south-bound and north-bound lanes of Ortigas to SM Mall of Asia portion of ESDA will be separated into 5 smaller lanes.

Lane 1 – (lane closest to existing sidewalks) – Walk lane
Lane 2 – Bike lane
Lane 3 – City buses
Lane 4 – Provincial buses and private vehicles
Lane 5 – Private vehicles



This will be the first time EDSA will become a shared road.

“The aim of the road-sharing scheme is to introduce a transportation system with a reduced number of private cars” – said environmental lawyer Antonio Oposa Jr

The Share the Road scheme aims to improve traffic in Philippine cities by encouraging people to walk, bike or find alternative modes of transportation.

June 28 is just a Test and a Proof-of-Concept too check is the scheme can be done. Do you think this scheme will work? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Not good idea. Madaming street to take alternative bakit kailangan makipagsabayan ang pedestrian sa sasakyan. Highly accident prone.

  2. Test lng pla.pero malabo yan.. kawawa parin bikers jn sa dami ng bus,mgbabara at mgbabara parin edsa nyan lalo n s mga bus stop.. Maganda gawin nla bawasan nla bumabiyaheng bus s edsa at madagdagan nmn ang tren..

  3. taRUN na sa EDSA 2015…wear whatever…run together…gun start 3 am…assembly at taft ave stn mrt…pwede kaya?

  4. There is already a side walk and places where people should go on and get off buses but they would rather stay on the street to wait for the buses. Imagine where those people would wait under this “experiment.”
    If they want better traffic flow in edsa, they should stop buses from making edsa a big bus terminal.

  5. I’ll just be there for the stretching. Obviously, this isn’t the solution to our traffic problem. The solution is road widening, stopping issuance of new franchise for cabs, jeepneys and buses. Removal of buses and implementation of the RBT.

  6. Someone is going to get hurt, hopefully not but drivers are too careless to abide by any imposed rules that cause any inconvenience, however slight it may be.

  7. Dpat lagyan din nila mga express way ng pang motorcycle para iwas trapic s mga serbice road mabasan ang trapic .khit bumayad n rin ok lang db….

  8. mainit na pgsapit ng 9 a.m onwards…do you think people will walk going to work from ortigas to taft vice versa?i don’t think there’s a better sol’n to reduce traffic from edsa..

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  10. what a ridiculous idea!
    If all motorists private and public had any discipline we won’t have to come up with such desperate idea. But it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for fellow runnersU0001f609

  11. parang mas ok na iclear muna nila mga negosyante natin sa sidewalk,matigas din ulo nila,pabalik balik. sarap kaya maglakad pag wlang mga nakaharang.

  12. Bikers will gather near Bikers’ Cafe on June 28 at 5:30 AM and will ride all the way to Robinsons Galleria then return to Mall of Asia. #ShareTheRoad

  13. They must focus on the monorails. Puro kc kalsada ginagawa kaya madami gusto bumili ng sasakyan. Kung marami lang ang railways natin siguradong mababawasan ang mga sasakyan sa EDSA.


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