Ford High-Tech Bicycle will change the way we Commute around the City



Just recently the MMDA just announced they are testing the possibility of sharing EDSA with Bikers and Pedestrians via the share-the-road project, and now Ford, one of the leading automotive maker in the world just announced the Ford MoDe:Flex, it’s the third and most versatile eBike developed by the automotive giant.

The Ford MoDe:Flex frame assembly includes a motor and battery for assisted pedaling, so you don’t have to be super fit to get around the city or to travel long distances. When not in use, the bike can also be neatly folded and stored inside any Ford Vehicle (or perhaps any vehicle with a good compartment)

Watch the Video Below:

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So it seems like the future of biking is upon us, the MoDe:Flex might not be able to take you from Makati to Alabang but might be a good option to get around nearby cities for short meetings and errands.

In the future high-tech bikes can be a standard accessory for every vehicle and a solution for our congested roads.

What do you think about this? Will this be a solution for our traffic problems?

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