Cyclist told driver to f*ck off, then crashes bike seconds later


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A video clip was recently uploaded in Youtube entitled “Quick Karma”. Filmed by Mark Algar a cyclist from Portsmouth in the UK.

The clip was personal video from the cyclist himself, as he overtake a fellow cyclist without looking, he was suddenly beeped by a car coming up behind him.

Cyclist Algar then turns toward the motorist, shouting “F*ck Off” as a means to confront the driver. Seconds later Algar crashes his bike and found himself flat on the floor.


In an interview, Mr. Algar told the Evening Standard that thankfully he didn’t sustain any injuries and gracefully accepted that he deserved it.

He told Evening Standard: “I should have signalled and I usually do, but this one time I was going at speed and just didn’t think.”

“Karma does come round quick and I totally hold my hands up. I found it all quite funny really.”

Watch the Video, it’s funny now that we know he’s ok. But there’s to take-away from this.
(1) Make sure you signal before overtaking and
(2) Keep your eyes on the road.

Careful on the road guys!

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