Adidas partners with Spotify to provide great Running Music on the GO



Many people often listen to music while running to get an extra boost of energy. But what if instead of runners just listening to music, the music also listen to runners?!

Adidas just recently launched a new partership with Spotify and created a mobile app specifically for runners – Introducing the Adidas Go.

Adidas Go is an app that helps choose the perfect songs to match the intensity of your workout. Think of it as a personal DJ that plays songs perfectly in sync with your running pace and music taste.



“Adidas Go lets your energy level control the music that plays during your run, so you’re always in control.”, explains Adrian Leek, General Manager of Adidas Running.

The app works by using the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to recognize your running speed and identify the tracks from Spotify library with matching beats per minute. For now, you need to run with your iPhone to enable this feature, and a premium Spotify account (if not it’s going to use your phone song library), but we’re guessing this will soon be available for iPhone iWatch users as well.

And when your run is over, you can save and review your stats including your distance, time, pace, and Adidas miCoach Runscore.

The Adidas Go app is currently available for iOS devices only via the Apple App Store – Download it here

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