5 Tips to help you RUN FAST


5 Tips to help you RUN FAST

1. Get the right pair of shoes. – Different foot types and pronation tendencies need to be taken into consideration. For example, a runner who over-pronates needs proper support to avoid injuries. Get gait analysis to determine if you need Neutral, Stability, or Motion Control).

2. Introduce proper interval training. – Use 400s, 800s, and mile repeats wisely throughout the training cycle. Know how to nail them by understanding your training zones as well as your threshold pace. A well executed session entails that the appropriate intensity was sustained with the least recovery required. Going out too hard and fading midway is a common mistake.

3. Skip junk miles. – Training is different from exercising. Every workout should have a purpose. Whether it be speed, endurance, or recovery, one should make sure that his session is aligned with these goals. Adding miles to run off a cheesecake (avoiding weight gain) is not proper training.

4. Know when to rest and recover. – To prevent injuries and raise one’s threshold, rest is key. Too much running without proper recovery is a common mistake. By making sure that one is fresh for his/her key workouts, the quality of these sessions is upheld. Running fatigued will generate lackluster results at best.

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5. Seek the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced coach. – Proper guidance is valuable to both beginner and advanced athletes alike. A coach who understands the importance of a well-structured program will help his athletes maximize their training time. By getting more out of each training block, rapid improvement is eminent. This will also ensure that setbacks due to injuries and overtraining are minimized.

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  2. Music helped me develop a faster and consistent running pace. From 160 beats per minute songs, i now run to 180bpm songs. Try it guys!


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