5 Inspiring Moments at the Run United Philippine Marathon 2014



Here are 5 inspiring moments we captured are the recently concluded Run United Philippine Marathon that happened last October 5, 2014 presented by Unilab Active Health.


Top Pinoy Finisher - Rafael Poliquit Jr

1. Pinoy Runners inching their way into the top position – big races like Run United is always a venue where Kenya runners usually take the top positions. They still do but it’s inspiring to see Pinoy runners who are slowly closing the time gap, soon, we’ll see Pinoys battling head to head with Kenyan runners. Go Pinoy!



(Hanz Magat & Paula Perez)

2. Love is all around. – Waiting at the finishline or racing together, a marathon can always bond families and friends together.


(Angelo Talo-Talo)

3. Starting young. – We spotted Angelo Talo-Talo, the youngest marathon finisher in this race, at 11 years old with a marathon time of 07:02:03.

Jess Victoria

(Jess Victoria)


(Ernest Carual)

4. Defying the odds. – “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do”, both Jess and Ernest showed us that anything is possible if you truly believe.

Coach Rio

5. Hands on. – RunRio is the top race organizer in the Philippines, but despite the reputation, it is inspiring to see the founder, Coach Rio dela Cruz still very hands-on on the races the organization mounts. Passion for running at its finest.

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  1. People like Ernesto is an inspiration. People who cheat and dont train tapos they brag about the medals kht na nakailang 21k n 4hours pa tinatapos is an absolute disappointment.


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