Fuse: 2-Hour Dance Marathon – September 26, 2014



In celebration of their 36th year, the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex Employees Organization (CCPCEO) brings you the grandest and biggest health and wellness event this side of town, Fuse: 2-hour Dance Marathon. This event is happening on September 26, 2014 at 6:00 PM at the CCP Folk Arts Theatre, CCP Complex, Pasay City.

This is to be primarily by participated in by the members and employees of the CCP, Resident Companies, and nearby establishments in the CCP Complex. This event is also open to all Zumba aficionados, fitness enthusiasts, and gym/wellness club members from all over the metro. The venue is expected to be filled with more than 1000 registrants.

Originally from Colombia, Zumba is the latest branded dance craze and branded fitness program in the industry. For Fuse – we are gathering the finest certified Zumba Instructors and active Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) members together with celebrity guests dancers Regine Tolentino, Joshua Zamora and Ray-an of G-Force providing everyone a truly awesome dance experience.

This event is initiated by the CCPCEO with the support of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and in partnership with 4.0 EVENTS MANAGEMENT, to promote work-life balance and encourage a healthy lifestyle among employees and participants. Our objective is to bring people together in a dance- marathon fusion that combines exhilarating workout with uninhibited, outgoing fun.

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The high energy dance and fitness activity also aims to raise funds for the CCPCEO to enable the organization to continue its mission to provide programs for health, education, medical and emergency needs of its members.

Fuse: 2-Hour Dance Marathon is sponsored by Day by Day Christian Ministries, Slimmers World, International, Freshman, Mega Fiber and Bear Brand Adult Plus and Gardenia.

Fuse: 2-Hour Dance Marathon
September 26, 2014
Folk Arts Theater, CCP Complex

Registration Fees:
500 / 600 / 750

– Inclusive of marathon shirt, bib number and gift pack

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Registration Venues:
1.) Oleigh Nail Spa
Unit 102, Promax Place
1672 Dian Street, San Isidro, Makati City

2.) CCP Box Office (Available on Aug. 11, 2014)
Cultural Center of the Philippines, Pasay City

For more information:
Phone: (02)2166074 / (02)2745525
Mobile: 09258479798 / 09267139988
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4.0eventsmanagement

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  1. Hi Jhoy,

    Registration has 3 different categories/ zone. The difference is the distance from the stage. Very similar when you are watching a concert, if you choose to stay close to the stage, you pay for the more expensive ticket.

    All categories comes with free marathon shirt, Bib number. Loot bag to be given on the day of the event.

    • @Niko Unfortunately we no not have on site registration in Alabang. However as what mostly did, they register online and we will ship your Marathon Kit, you just have to pay 115 for the shipping cost and it will be delivered in your preffered mailing address.

  2. @Yam registration will still be open on the day of the event as long as the projected capacity is not yet filled. We strongly reccomend to secure your registration as early as now at bit.ly/fuseonline.

    Feel free to contact us if you have further questions at 02-2166074 | 09175128211


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