Hit-and-Run Plate Number : Honda UUE-233



Helping our fellow runners Vincent Simon at Catherine May Tan who was hit by a car while jogging in Makati Mandalyong bridge last Sunday March 23, 2014. They are both alive but suffered serious injuries while the driver of the Honda Civic with Plate Number UUE-233 remains unknown.

Let’s keep an eye out for this Hit-and-Run driver and make sure justice is served.

Update #1: Hi Guys, we’ve been contacted by the Daughter of the name appearing at the LTO online records for the plate-number, we where informed that the car was sold to another person a few years ago via an agent, and the LTO records where not updated. The name indicated in the LTO search is not accurate, let’s refrain from posting her name first and keep an eye out for this car and alert authorities once spotted. The Search Continues…

Sources: Philstar | DZMM

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  1. UUE 233/ Make: honda/ Model: civic/Year:1997/Color: c.silver/Registered last 03/10/2014. Gold kc ang nkapost sa Pinoy Fitness!

  2. ayan meron na name… kala nya makakalusot xa.. sana ok na po yung 2 Runners… our prayer for justice and speedy recovery.

  3. Hi Guys! Quick Update. The car was sold to another person via an agent, and the LTO records where not updated. The name indicated in the LTO search is not accurate. The Search Continues…

  4. hope this helps. I know the previous owner of this car.

    “kotse ko ito.. nabenta ko na last year.. taga malabon ang bumili pero ewan ko kung nabenta na ulit ito… ang nakabili nito eh yung sa katabi ng dolors kakanin na nagpipintura ng kotse. kung nabenta nila baka kilala nila ang bumili.. siguro pwede na yung maging lead. sana gumaling yung nabangga.”

  5. Why not get the agent’s name, then get who is the buyer of unit from agent. he must have the o.r and details of his buyer…. the owner named at the registration will be responsible for that, must have at least deed of sale and for sure TPL is named on the original owner of the unit

  6. When they contacted you, did they present any proof or deed of sale? It ‘s easy to say this and that. As far as I know, the original owner is still liable unless he/she can provide proof like a deed of sale.

    Plate no: UUE 233
    Make: Honda
    Model: Civic
    Year: 1997
    Color: C. Silver (original? not gold?)
    Last registration: 03/10/2014
    No LTO apprehension
    No LTO alarm

    Based on the above mentioned registration details, the color of the car is Silver. The registration is also very recent. The color of the car is Gold now. How did they get a new registration without passing a change of color affidavit or the likes then?

  7. Pwede matrace thru deed of sale yan diba? If nabenta na yan, yung huling may hawak meron copy yan ng deed of sale, so its impossible na hindi matrace yan, step by step lang nga

  8. To all runners. I hope we should also be very conscious of wearing safety gears when running in the dark. My prayers go to the victims for their fast and full recovery.

  9. No offense but Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge is not a jogging area though. Mali din ang driver because of the hit and run pero lesson should be learned here to jog on the right place, especially not on a major road/bridge like this.

  10. The best thing of family victim they can do is get the copy of police report,medical certificate then proceed to traffic eng,g.center(TEC) nagtahan sta.mesa for filling complaint against the car then to traffic bureau at camp caringal then to hi-way patrol at camp crame para i alert ang mga unit nila cgurado huli yan honda na yan.

  11. Kahit na nabenta na yan dapat meron silang deed of sale ng bumili kahit agent pa ung nag middle man. panu ma transfer ng bagong owner ng sasakyan kung wala syang deed of sale ng dating may ari at mga ID’s. kung wala kang mapapakitang deed of sale anu proof mo na nabenta mo sasakyan mo pwede pa rin syang kasuhan kasi pwedeng lumabas na tinatago nya lang ung sasakyan or kunwari nabenta na ung kotse.

    • Sana ung dating may ari tumulong para malutas ang kaso para hindi sya pagbintangan na tinatago nya ang sasakyan at para malinis din sya kasi name nya naka appear sa CR ng kotse. Cguro mabuting tao naman ung nagbenta sana tumulong sila.

  12. Palagi ako dumadaan sa makati-mandaluyong bridge and I can say na di safe mag jogging dun. Anyways, I pray for the fast recovery of the victims at sana mahuli yung nakabangga dahil may pananagutan parin sila sa batas at sa kapwa tao nila.

  13. Shouldn’t the girl know who they sold their car to? Come on! The original owners should at least help in the investigation…

  14. “and the LTO records where not updated.”

    parang mali pakinggan. someone is not doing their job properly. diba dapat as soon as naiba na ang owner, updated din ang papers ?

    • hindi naman agad agad napapalipat sa name ng nakabili ang papers ng sasakyan. and nasa sa nakabili na yun if gusto nya ipalipat sa name nya at kung kailan, if may plano sya i benta ulit malamang hindi na nya ipalipat sa pangalan nya. ganon dito sa atin sa pinas.


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