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Congratulations to all the runners and finishers of the PSE Bull Run 2014 in Bonifacio Global City! How was your run!? Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Pinoy Fitness Booth! Time to share your comments and feedback guys!

Remember, your comments are very important to the organizers, it will surely help improve the race next year. And if you loved the race, leave them a cheer!

PSE Bull Run 2014
February 16, 2014
Bonifacio Global City

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Race Results:
PSE BULL RUN 2014 – Race Results

Community Photos:
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  1. It was fun! Not only did I get to exercise. I had the satisfaction of supporting this year’s cause and of course praying to high heavens that PSE will soon have a real bull run.

  2. One of the better organized runs. Plenty of hydration. Good route. Just the right number of participants. Short queues. Nice finisher shirt.

  3. one of the best races I’ve been to. Hydration station every 1 / 1.5 kilometers, challenging elevations (especially Kalayaan Fly-over), short queues on the claiming of the finisher’s kit and lots of pictures from the photographers… hehehe!

  4. kuha ng kuha ng picture, pose naman ng pose wala naman nakapost- (4288)
    but enjoyed the run – cool weather although quite early and dark- posted a good time of below 7 minutes/km, and for the first time tama iyon 16 km distance!
    i take back what i said, ganda pala iyon singlet and finisher shirt-
    how about another run sa second half of the year?

  5. It was indeed a well organized event,.statyed on time,.maganda ung sa baggage area,.ung portalets,.pero ung mood ng event ay parang d ganun ka lively,.d runners were a bit serious,.haha,.i dint like d warm up session,,boring,.haha,.i joined a run last january nd pipol were lyk screaming nd shouting during d warm up session,,ang saya lng!hehe,but ung sa pse,.we were like all silent,.haha,.dpt ung host mas maganda magdala ng crowd same thing sa mga nagpapawarm up,,haha,.gustoqtlg ung relax ung mood at lht nageenjoy d ung prng stiff,,hehe,.but ol n ol,.it was a nice one:-)

  6. Di pokami nabigyan ng 21k finishers medal dahil naubusan na raw po sabi dun sa pinilahan namin. Hoping you can help us relay it to rhe organizer. Thanks


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