Aerotropolis Half Marathon – SCTEX Challenge 2014 – Results Discussion and Photos



Congratulations to all finishers of the Aerotropolis Half Marathon 2014 in GGLC, Clarkfield Pampanga! How was your run!? Time to share your comments and feedback guys! Remember, your comments are very important to the organizers, it will surely help improve the race next year. And if you loved the race, leave them a cheer!

Aerotropolis Half Marathon – SCTEX Challenge
January 19, 2014
GGLC, Clarkfield Pampanga

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Race Results:
Aerotropilis Half Marathon – Race Results

Photo Links:
Aerotropolis Half Marathon by RARMartinez Fotorun – (SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3 | SET 4 | SET 5)

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  1. A great run and very well organized. God willing I will be back next year. One improvement next year could be a request to walkers to stay on the right side of the road and not walk in large groups. The way through the toll booth was blocked by walkers when I passed through.

  2. Except for the long walk to the parking, I cannot think of anything bad about this race. I liked accuracy of markers, plenty of hydration, you can freely run, and the best is it’s quite near our home. Thanks till next year!

  3. well organize, keep it up…sana ganun din uli climate next year. dagdag pa ng runners para masaya.bus from trinoma to clark mas maganda para madami mag register

    • Thanks….hopefully we can do something longer next year.
      The shuttle from trinoma..definitely something we have to work on much earlier….thanks for suporting. See you next year!

  4. Im so disappointed na hindi ako dito sumali. I joined the other run. It was a mess. No hydration from 12 to 18km mark. A 30minute line just to get a bottle of powerade and another 15mins just to get a pocari sweat and another 20mins just to get your race kit which by the way a one old issue of a magazine and a super large large finisher shirt. Binigay ung medal nasa box. Hindi man lang sinabit para may feeling of accomplishment. And lousy ng medal.

    Hope nxt year may registration na dito sa manila and service po.

  5. I cannot believe that this was the first run event that you organized, because you have one of the best races i have ever joined. Nice climate, nice new route (unlike in Cavitex where you can smell that foul odor from the garbage processing plant), sufficient hydration with cold water. You have made a good impression among the runners, so expect a lot of participants next year.

    However, please take note of the following areas where you can improve on, in addition to those already mentioned above:
    – Banana stations for the 21k and 42k runners
    – Do not make the runners face the sun while accomplishing that very crucial last km. its painful to the eyes.
    – Nearer parking areas to the starting / finish area
    – Better and bigger recovery area specially if you are having a marathon category
    – Bigger area where runners get their freebies from the sponsors since there will be more runners next year.
    -The stage should not be positioned such that the audience is facing the sun.
    – Most importantly, make sure that the date is at least 2 weeks away from the Condura Run.

    Expect a good turn-out next year.

    • Hi Rickystarr,

      Thank you for the kind words. Congrats on your finish!

      Actually…this was our first major event. We have though organized a lot of smaller races in Clark.

      On your comments…yes we are taking notes. With everybodys inputs…things will just be better.

      Our advocacy is promoting Clark sport tourism. We are lucky to have wide vast running routes with fresh air…less interaction with vehicles, and we want it to share with all runners.

      If everyones on board…we will see you next year!

    • Hi Rickystarr,

      Thank you for the kind words. Congrats on your finish!

      Actually, this was our first major event. We have though organized a lot of smaller races in Clark the past two years.

      On your comments, yes we are taking notes. With everybodys inputs….things will just be better.

      Our advocacy is promoting Clark Sport tourism. We are lucky to have wide vast running routes with fresh air….less intercation with vehicles, and we want to share it with all runners.

      If everyone’s on board…we will see you next year!!

  6. Ang galing! Ang ganda! Everything is perfect! The climate, the rooute(it’s something new), overflowing gatorade and water, first time to experienced two entertainment stations along the route(live banda pa yung isa), ang daming photographers and friendly marshals and volunteers.
    Thank you and Till next year po…!
    from a happy and contended runner.

  7. Keep it up GGLC! See you next year and yeah expect na madaming runners from outside (Manila, and other neighborhood cities) and since very positive ang feedback nyo.

    Nag-uumapaw sa Hydration/Water Station and first time ko maka experienced ng Entertainment Station during the race (novice e hehe.

    Please take note lang po yung isolated case na nangyari sa Parking Lot na tatlong sasakyan daw po ang nalooban/nanakawan.

    I-consider nyo po ang security sa venue though it’s open for public and madami talagang mapagsamantala during the event. The rest wala na akong masabi.

    Good Job! *two thumbs up!*

  8. Enjoyed the race. looking forward for the next one.

    One thing I may add, maybe you can set up a pavilion for those coming from manila and other out-of-towners who will be arriving very early at the venue. after the long travel time, they can have a short rest before the run and you can also use it as your recovery area.

    Everything else was perfect.

  9. I am glad I chose this event as my first race – totally satisfied and happy. It is well organized, location & weather cannot be anymore perfect. Looking forward to next years race :) Cheers!

  10. Thank you all for the kind words. We are runners ourselves so we want all participants to have a great running experience.

    We are taking notes with all your comments and suggestions.

    See you all next year!!

  11. This is the best race I’ve joined!!! A nice race to target a PR! A good place to run! Hope to have this race again and again!!!

    Suggestions to be included on next year race, banana for 21k and 42k runners,
    Portalets on the route.. :)


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