Salice Eyewear now in the Philippines


Check out the new Sports Eyewear that is now available in the Philippines! Salice is Italian crafted that combines function and fashion at a very reasonable price!

Salice Colabto

004ITA Bianco
Salice Bianco

005 BIC bianco fucsia RW blu
Salice Fucsia

006 ITA nero
Salice Nero

Press Release

There’s a new style that’s been making waves and ruling the podium of late, and its name is Salice!

Designed and crafted in Italy, Salice (“Sa-Li-Che”) combines function and fashion in a distinctly European look. Local athletes that have been seen sporting a pair include Filipino Elite Triathletes August Benedicto and Kim Mangrobang. Known international product ambassadors include the likes of cross-country skier Renato Pasini, sprint canoer Antonio Rossi and former professional cycling champion Alessandro Petacchi.

The backstory of Salice’s performance lenses is one of time-tested durability. In 1919, the Italian company initially manufactured heavy-duty goggles and sunglasses for industrial and military use. As the popularity of Vespa and Lambretta motorbikes grew in the post-war years, the expanded demand prompted the company to launch its own line of glasses for bikers and skiers.

The Salice range currently includes sport-specific models for motocross, skiing, cycling, running, and many other adrenaline-intensive activities, as well as leisure-oriented models for more laid-back pursuits.

All Salice models are built to withstand hard training, with all lenses having 100% protection against UVA, B, and C rays that easily penetrate regular lenses and cause severe damage to the eyes.

Aside from the UVA400 rating, the lenses come in a range of colors that merge aesthetics and added function. The Polarflex lens, for example offers greater visual contrast while the Chromolex lens changes color to sync with the surrounding light conditions. Even the basic lenses are mirrored, wide enough to block out grit and dust, and have anti-fog vents. Salice frames are characterized by a wraparound design with a soft nosepiece that firmly keeps them in place even during intense activity.

Salice eyewear is priced from P4,800 to P8,800.

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