Running with the Saucony Kinvara 4!


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One of the best perks for doing my job is that once in a while I get some awesome stuff for review. This time I got to test ride the Saucony Kinvara 4! With 3 available colors for men and 3 colors for women, I set my eyes on the Kinvara 4 Neon Green.


I know a lot of you guys love Saucony! And we know that the Kinvara 4 is one of the most anticipated shoe update of the year and was named “Best Update” by Runner’s World in the publication’s 2013 Summer Shoe Guide.

Once you hold the shoe, you’d immediately notice one of its major feature… the weight, the Kinvara 4 weighs only 7.7 ounces super light comparing it to some of the existing performance training shoes.

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After a couple of 10KM runs, I can confidently say that the Power Grid foam technology did a great job. With the Power Grid foam I was able to “feel” the road while providing me with enough cushioning to complete the 10KM comfortably and injury free. Still need to test it on longer distances.

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And in my constant hunt for that one shoe that I can do “sock-less”, I tried to run with the Kinvara 4 without one. With the HydraMAX Collar Lining technology I was really hopeful, however, at the 5KM mark… blisters! I’m starting to really think that it’s not meant for me to run sock-less, it it worked for you, let me know!

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One thing I noticed though while running sock-less is that the FlexFilm welded onto the breathable upper mesh provided my feet with cool fresh air while I was running.

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One last feature I like about the Kinvara 4 is its huge reflectors, for night runners, this shoe will really shine!

So if you’re planning to buy a new running shoe this December, go check out the Kinvara 4! It’s now available in specialty run retailers and major department stores nationwide for Php 4,995.

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    • Napaisip ako e, balak ko pa naman bumili ng Kinvara.. ;) Anyway, how’s the fit on you? I have wide feet kasi, I’m wondering if it’s narrow or has a wide toe box.. Thanks!


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