BGC Cycle Philippines 2013 – Results Discussion



Congratulations to all the finishers of the recently concluded BGC Cycle Philippines! How was your race!?

Overall the race was great and very well organized! Except for some spots in C5 and Buendia where the road is quite narrow, but I guess that cannot be avoided. I particularly like the stretch along Roxas Blvd. where you can ride all out! In my GPS the route was 3KM short though. How about yours?


Share your feedback and experiences about this event below!


BGC Cycle Philippines 2013
November 17, 2013
Bonifacio Global City

Race Results:
BGC Cycle Philippines Race Results

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  1. GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! Kudos to Fred Uytengsu and Sunrise Events People! Quality jersey,Quality event! rode the 40kms Challenge. Congratulations!

  2. Sa 40km Challenge, merong lady cyclist na semplang sa c5 bago umakyat sa Market Market. May marshal naman sa tabi nya. Pero di gumagalaw yung babae. Baka napilayan. Musta na kaya sya?

  3. The ride was great Thanks for all the marshals specially yung nasa Roxas Bldg area. I rode the 40KM Challenge, Yes the route is also shorter by almost 2KM in runkeeper.

  4. kulang po ng 3.5 kms ang rota. okay naman ang takbo. medyo unsafe lang dahil biglang meron mga tao ng tatawid at mga jeep na nagbababa at nagsasakay ng pasahero sa C5. Sa kalayaan biglang tigil dahil merong trak ng basura na nagkakarga ng basura at manipis ang kalye sa buendia extension. pero sa pangkalahatan eh okay naman talaga lang di siguro maiiwasan ang mga hassle. Ganda sa Roxas boulevard.

  5. The Fun Challenge for the kids started a little late. 5:30pm. By 5:45pm its already dark which lead to my son’s bike crush. Di raw nya nakita na may irregular sa road. He’s OK but a little teary because he wants to finish the challenge.

  6. Nag enjoy naman ako sa 40km challenge. kahit 36.61km lang sa GPS. Sana next time 60km naman. Hehe…. Palakpakan!!! Tnx bgc!!

  7. sana meron ulit next time, para di lang marathon ang mga events. hehehe.

    Ang saya mag-bike kahit na 36.3km lang ang sa GPS ko.

    *slow clap* for the the organizers.
    ang galing at well organized.



  8. Great event! Though it seems the rules are not completely implemented, meron mga naka TT. Lumilipad tuloy sila. Its unfair not because they’re fast, but because they can afford. Looking forward for the next year maybe. ^^

    • they are fast bcoz they train a lot not bcoz of their aero position, in route like that much safer use road bike, instead of TT. very narrow ang road and too many cyclist esp, mtb riders

  9. Had thigh muscle cramps at kalayaan flyover at 33km. My muscles were like twitching that I can not bend both of my legs. Grateful to an old rider who bothered to stop and helped me (and there’s another rider, can’t remember him cause I’m in terrible pain, as in my thigh muscle harden like it’s going to pop…and another concerned rider stopped..) sana may medical roving riders sa route. Had fun with the ride medyo magulo lang sa Roxas blvd area. Great job to us all.

  10. Great ride, did the 40K Challenge in 1:29:58, got a pinch flat at Buendia where the railroad tracks were.

    Next time lets do 100km! BGC – MOA – Nuvali – MOA – BGC!

    BTW, my cyclometer read 37.89kms, shy of 40K but nevertheless fun!

  11. Magiging yearly na yan sa pinas. Dito sa Singapore it’s my 3rd year of joining the OCBC cycle same organizer din dyan sa pinas. Almost same comments din kulang ng konti sa 42K ang rota. Worse is may mga naligaw dahil kulang sa mga signage. This is the worst case pero yung mga nakaraang 2 years mga minor problems lang. Mas maswerte kayo dyan sa pinas mas mura registration at mas maganda mga freebies. Pero I’m just wondering bat nila inallow yumg mga TT bikes. Dito strictly prohibited ang mga yan.

  12. Awesome ride. I really enjoyed the CHALLENGE 40kms. The whole route was ok except for the rough roads/patches along C-5, Buendia and Roxas Boulevard. The worst along the route would have to be the rail crossing because of the deep grooves and we were speeding then. Also, the drivers along Buendia who got stuck because of us got really mad at us. Some of them were even cursing at us which I kind of expected given how long they got stuck in traffic.

    Yup! It’s not a race but our pacing was fast. In my practice rides, I finish at 2 hours 20 minutes but in the actual BGC ride, I finished below 2 hours.

    What I like most about the pricey race kit was the Rudy Project shades with matching clear lenses. I also like the jersey and the over-sized medal!

    Post-ride meal was ok. I even got the chance to meet Mr. Chris Robb of Cycle Asia. It’s funny because he’s really down to earth and at one point, acted as photographer for riders requesting pics at the finish line. I think a lot of the riders do not recognize him.

    I also got the chance to meet Ms. Karen Crisostomo of the Firefly Brigade. All systems go for next week’s Tour of the Fireflies.

    Hope for more events like this.


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