Unlock Your Bike With Your Smartphone with BitLock!


Here’s another piece of tech that can make the lives of bikers a bit easier and more hi-tech. Introducing BitLock, created by electrical engineer Mehrdad Majzoobi, it’s the first keyless bike lock.


Nowadays, it’s more likely for us to misplace our keys than our smartphones, so BitLock an iPhone and Android compatible bike lock aims to solve that problem. BitLock also comes with a GPS bike tracking feature to track your bike anywhere, and you can also grant someone else to access the bike which can make bike sharing with a friend easier, removing the need to pass around a physical key.

Check out the video below.

BitLock retails at $140 which is around P6,000, it’s not a cheap device compared to a regular key-based U-Lock, but for bikers who’s into hi-tech gadgets or if you’re into bike sharing this could be a cool investment to consider.


Photos c/o: https://bitlock.co/

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