Run for Pasig River 2013 – Results Discussion

run for pasig river 2013 results and photos

Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded Run for Pasig River 2013 at Quezon City! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Run for Pasig River 2013
October 6, 2013
Quezon City

Race Results:

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  1. the event was disorganized. ang tagal magstart. nde naexplain ng maayos na per cluster pla yung pag start. we were able to run after 45 minutes of waiting because of so many clusters. i don’t know if the clusters were for safety issues to avoid stampede since there were so many participants and there was not just enough space in the alloted roads. and yes, i agree there were a lot of people walking. since majority were students, i think they just were there for the attendance or alay lakad. but running still is a great exercise. got some morning sun exposure since our cluster started quarter to 7 luckily I placed some sun block before the race,

  2. I think, overall, the event was a success. The goal of the activity was to raise funds for the clean-up of Pasig River. Obviously, it was achieved. It didn’t matter to me if I was walking most of the time because my primary purpose for joining the activity was to help. The running part was just secondary. With that said, good job to the organizers and participants for a job well done! However, there are a few things which need improvement. First on the list is the apparent “basura”. I saw several Air 21 plastic wrappers on the street, and other stuff na tinapon lang basta-basta sa kalye. Maybe next year, there could be volunteers as well who’s main task is to make sure na walang mga kalat at basura na maiiwan. Katulad ba nung sa 1 Million March sa Luneta. There were volunteers who were cleaning up during and after the event. Maybe a penalty could be imposed for anyone caught littering? The purpose of the run is environmental yet ang daming kalat. Secondly, I hope next time there would be more water stations. That’s all. Thanks!

  3. di ako nakatakbo sa run na ito kasi dun ako tumakbo sa kabila,,, napansin ko lang na parang nawala na yung totoong purpose ng takbo yung ILOG PASIG.. nasapawan na ng ibang project ng TV network involve.. sana ILOG muna bago yung Anniversary…..

  4. i agree n if one’s purpose is 2 help, well & gud, it was achieved. no more ifs & buts. d sya gaanong fun run kc, 1st of ol, d k naman gaanong makatakbo bec. of too many runners kaya no choice, but to walk. anyway, kahit paano, pinawisan din naman ang mga tumakbo(este, ang mga lumakad pala). comment ko lang s race bib, ang liit ng race #, mas malaki p ung space para s nickname. to sum it up, congrats 2 d race organizers & 2 ol who ran. by d way, me sponsors b ung race n un? sana, next time magpatakbo ang abs-cbn, me konti namang incentives & freebies s runners.


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