Natures Trail Discovery Run II – Results Discussion

natures trail run results and photos

Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded Natures Trail Discovery Run II in Tanay Rizal!! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Natures Trail Discovery Run II
June 9, 2013
Tanay, Rizal

Race Results:

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  1. @PIMCO EVENTS> Sir/Ma’am, please make this event a bit earlier next year. From February to Mid-May, weather could be more accommodating for trail running. Just like how Merrel did it in April. Sayang, Daraitan is a very nice route, kaya lang kung tag-ulan na ganito, mataas na tubig diyan sa ilog malamang at yung putik dumidikit ng husto sa sapatos. Let’s do it next year in the dry season.

  2. I seriously love your site.. Great colors & theme. Did you create this site yourself?
    Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my own personal website and want to learn where you got this from or exactly what the theme is called. Many thanks!

  3. my comment for the 10k and a first time runner of pimco event; the challenge of the route is ok, but it’s more of a road running; i also was able to spoke to a runner that ran last year’s event and he told me that this first leg’s route is not that good compared to last year; also, some 50k runners returned immediately after the start because according to them there are no guides and it was still dark

  4. To PIMCO race organizers,

    A lot of runners like me registered and paid for a 21k run. I trained and prepared for a 21k run. It is considered normal that 1 or 2 km difference from the original distance is recorded…but from 21k to 31k??? What were you thinking.

    You are criminally and legally liable had someone sustained a major or fatal accident in the 21k run. You were very very lucky that no one did. I happen to be with a group of 4 and I can safely say that I share their negative sentiments in altering the race distance.

    I joined NTDRII after having enjoyed the experience of NTDR, and have invited others to join as well. I am ok with the lack of hydrations, bananas, marshalls or even the heat. Those things are part of running. But changing a category from 21k to 31k and expect it to be ok is in NO WAY a good call. You better think about your actions whenever you are deviating from your original race guidelines, specially when catering to requests for change.

    • I understand this and there are some good points yet I will provide the other side only for sake of balance here. The organizer already revealed on their facebook and through a runner’s blog that it was extended by a bonus 5k or 6k to 26k or 27k several weeks before the race.

      Also, did you have a GPS watch to confirm this? I thought it was around 30k, would like to know exact distance as I did an extra 1k in confusion over the U-turn due to the top 3 runners turning around early and telling everyone including me (who was in 4th place) to do the same without obtaining the marker simply because of the time on their watch. One runner with a GPS showed our erronous U-turn at 13.5k and again at 14k back in front of the bridge where after discussing we eventually proceeded forward again to receive the marker and a jello treat. The lead I gained with a serious sprint down the hill was lost and allowed 5 runners to pass me but that is no big deal really, just life :).

      I did not mind the extra distance as I treat every event is a training event in my opinion though those seriously competing as a grade A run may find their training inadequate. My hamstrings got ripped which I consider a good thing as I would like to do marathons or ultramans soon though it made the uphill and road part at the end a challenge.

      Red Cross, ambulances, army, police were around most of the race so any emergency should have been easily addressable. Almost no parts of the route were so remote that the situation would be considered dangerous. Thus I felt safe the whole run and I feel most others did. Let’s appreciate this. There were hydration stations at least every 5k as promised so no problems there either, it was up to us to handle our water properly. The part on the highway at the end was the toughest I felt psychologically as there was a lot of noisy vehicles and many people also there while we were quite exhausted and crossing the road to optimize bends and try to avoid the sunlight. Still an interesting challenge nonetheless!

      I can tell you are disappointed but cheer up as you did nearly an Afroman distance trail run. A great personal accomplishment and now you will be ready to tackle longer distances.

  5. walang signage sa mga sangang daan lalo na bundok. pano nalang po kung napagiwanan ung runner or mauuna??? sa kalsada naman after ng u turn ng 10K namin wala din po. pakiconsidera naman po na hindi po kami taga jan kahit po sauluhin ko ung mapa or rota iba parin po un sa actual. panay kc tanung namin sa mga tao sa kalsada kung asan ung brgy hall. nattawa nlang po ako pero kc 3 kaming magkakasama at pag iniwan namin ang isat isa baka bukas pa makabalik dahil naligaw. okay lang po walang hydration 3K or more before the finish line kc as runners we already anticipated that might happened so we carried enough supply of water sa back pack namin kahit 10K lang to avoid dehydration. the thing is, ang maligaw ka at d ka makabalik or imbes na 10K or 13K ung tatakbuhin mo lang baka maging 50K dahil sa kakahanap ng route pabalik. THIS IS A SCENARIO na puedeng kaharapin at mangyari the WORSt part is WHAT if ur ALONE at dun ka sa bundok naligaw??? pls do accurate check also ng distances kc hindi sya tama kung 12K lang ung 10K ay okay okay pa mukhang hindi daw as per foreign runner na me gps almost 14K daw. ung sa akin kc nalobat kaya wala ako proof. naramdaman ko lang na sobrang layo lang ng nilakbay namin after ng u turn.

  6. I COMPLETELY AGREE with Aris. The decision to add 10km to the race distance was a very questionable decision. We plan our pace, hydration, etc based on the distance only to be surprised with the additional 10kms.

    As you’re the only organization who offer trail runs regularly…I most probably will still register for your events. I can imagine how tough planning a race is, BUT some things need deeper thought.

  7. Thanks Gregory. Yours do provide some balance, but my post is meant to share a point across to PIMCO organizers. A 21km run should be 21km. If they want it at 31km, then by all means organize a 31km category. They are the organizers, so they should be organized.

    I’ve seen and heard of past run events getting tainted because of fatal accidents. Imagine this conversation if an unlikely accident did happen that day, because someone tried to run a 21km but instead got 31km.

    As a fellow runner who has completed a number of half-marathons, trail runs and a full marathon, I do mind the extra distance that day. Having invited a friend who’s new to trail running. I am out-of-words to explain how PIMCO would alter race distances. I hope the trauma she had that day will heal soon.

    For the GPS; Yes I used a smartphone and it clocked 30.73km. At the 21k U-turn it measured 15.5km.


    • Great and thanks for the info. And don’t worry, there is no way am I arguing with you or trying to reduce your points which are valid. Am grateful everyone is okay after the run. Hope to see you at the next trail run! I consider this one the warm up or break in as it was my first.

      • Glad to hear you enjoyed the run. PIMCO had an awesome trail last year. The cave was an excellent addition, and the waterfalls where runners were able to dip themselves after an exhausing race. Hope they do it again this year.

  8. it was more of a road dunning than a trail.sana running shoes nlang gnamit ko instead of trail.yung mga kasama ko inexpect nla na gaya sa Merrell na trail talaga at halos ilan lang ang cemented roads na dinaanan…so expensive pa yung registration tapos sobra-sobra ang dinagdag na distances..


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