Favorite Running Distance 2013 – Poll Result



We asked the question “What is your current Favorite running distance?” We consolidated and tallied the responses here is the result!

Based on our Poll Result:
33% replied 21KM
20% replied 10KM
11% replied 42KM
11% replied 32KM
9% replied Ultramarathon
6% replied 16KM
6% replied 5KM
5% replied 3KM

Based on the poll result, it seems like the favorite running distance is the 21KM category followed by the 10KM Category. S

Do you agree? What’s your favorite running distance? Leave Comment Below!

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  1. 21k – not as “bitin” as 10k and yet it only takes around 10 weeks to train for ( unlike full mary which would require at least 4 months)

  2. Statistically speaking, kailangang i-qualify and purpose ng survey na ito, or else masyadong arbitrary at valueless ang data na ito.

  3. I have no qualms about the poll question answerable by stating our chosen running distance. How hard can that be?

    Count me under 21-K


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