Merrell Adventure Run 2013 – Results Discussion

merrell trail run 2013 results and photos

Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded Merrell Adventure Run 2013 in San Mateo Rizal!! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Merrell Adventure Run 2013
April 28, 2013
San Mateo, Rizal

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  1. i super enjoyed everything! the 10k route was beautifully traced in the mountains of rizal, new route, new discovery with a touch of our glamorous mother nature’s wonderful treats. The mud crawl defined the true meaning of “mud crawl” like no other. definitely the best so far for me this year!

    Twas a difficult race but beautifully enjoyable!!!

  2. Tough route in 21k :) nahirapan ako sa kumunoy part dun sa palayan tapos stiff slope followed by hurdles, tapos sa hydration station nlng pde maglinis pra gumaan :) i enjoyed my first trail, Hoping to come back next year :)

  3. hahahahaha. patayan talaga, my first ever 21k trail run. sobrang sakit ng mga hita ko, dpat pala dark underwear suot ko, ilang babad ng mga leading brand ni na kayang pumuti dahil sa putik na yun., gawin ko nalang memorabilia. hahhahaha

  4. Nakita ko n po result s 5k division, ask ko lng po, 37th po ako, pero di po ako ngkaron ng finisher’s medal and shirt, sorry 1st time ko sumali s ganitong event kaya di ko alam ano ggawin.. salamat po.. :)

  5. May sarli talagang tatak ang Merrell Adventure Runs — di pwedeng walang kaputikan, as part of the trail challenge. First time ko rin to run for this brand and kahit tough sa mga quads, super sulit sa breathtaking views, obstacles at kaka-aliw mga local residents ng Pintong Bukawe esp ung mga innocent kids.

    Kudos kay Coach Thumbie at sa Merrell Team. Congrats sa lahat ng podiumers at finishers. We all did it! Na-conquer natin ang Mt. Sinai!

    Not bad if may Part 2 ulet in this venue next year and hopefully mka- 21K na me…

  6. Fantastic Run,Mas mahirap than Last year, Hindi biro. Hindi pang Bata,My buddy twice got dizzy spell. I had to stop numerous time, and use a sling to get my buddy going. Nasira ang whisper ko (walking Stick) sa putik nang palayan.It’s really a trial of endurance. Congrats to all conquerors of Merrell 2013. The Folks were most kind binigyan akong isang baldeng tubig pang ligo. Mabuhay kayo organizers and barrio folks.

  7. nahirapan aq sa uphill pero enjoy a lot mga bihirang views ng mountain nakita ko napakaganda ng kalikasan natin sana patuloy e2ng pangalagaan ng sa ganon malayo tau sa sakuna lalo na sa mga malalakas ng bagyo.

  8. pang third year ko sa Merrell Adventure Run but this year’s was my first time to take home a finisher medal(1st run was 10 km, 2nd run I was DNF because my shoes soles gave in). It was well worth earning that medal. Salomon Xtrail could have also thought that finishing the course especially a difficult one deserves rewarding those who finished it, hence the finisher medal (Pasensiya na at nag-aangst pa rin hindi pa naka-get over).

  9. This was the first time I joined a trail run at 10k, and OMGee My.Thighs.Are Sore. A reminder that I had a fantabulous time running up and down and DIRTY at Mt. Sinai. Hoorah to all conquerors and survivors! Great Job organizers! Till next year fellas! Hope I can do 21k. See youuuuuuuu. :)

  10. WoW! Ang sarap ulit-ulit-ulit-ulitin!

    At maraming salamat sa putik…sa ilog…at sa ilog pa ulit…sa araw…sa mga puno at damo…sa malamyos na hangin…sa matamis na ngiti…sa pag-ibig…at higit sa lahat, sa malamig na tubig.

    Congrats sa lahat ng tumakbo!

  11. Yes indeed this years edition of Merrel Adventure Run was really tough enough for trail runners, dagdagan mo lang ng addition 3km of uphills and downhills e pwede ng ikumpara ito sa Salomon, but what can I say is that they have their own degree of differences in terms of difficulty, pag sinabing namang pareho e parang gaya gaya na yung isa.

    This years Edition was my 2nd Year, the first was only at 5km category and proud to be at the top 50 at that time to have that elusive 5km medal. And now, I upgraded myself and join the 21km category just to be sure to have that finishers medal but I don’t want to just finished this race for that medal, I must have a goal in finishing this race.

    My best flat road 21km finished was timed at 1:56 and I said to my self I must finished this Merrel adventure run under 3 hours so that was my goal so I trained so hard for this race.

    The race day have come, and I started the race well at the start. Right at the first 4 km mark of the race at the very long downhill portion, I already felt that there is something wrong with my right thigh, and at first I ignored it.

    Every time I passed by a river, I see to it that I will take a dip for a few minutes with that very cold and sweet tasting fresh river water and enjoy it for just a few minute of that very precious and priceless opportunity.

    Before the mud rush rice paddies portion, I was at the 16th place but as I plunged into the rice paddies, I landed my right foot so hard that it went too deep into the mud, when I raised my foot and I could not do it and I felt tightness on my left calve and it is not a good sign, I felt that soon it will turn into cramps.

    At that very moment I already slows down my pace, and fellow runners started to passed me by but that’s alright, still I have hopes that I can make it sub 3 hours, there is still enough time as I reached the last water station.

    Lesson learned from Salomon (where in I did not refilled my hydration bottles at the last water station) this time I refilled all my hydration bottle including my handheld bottle but as I approach the 16th km mark with a time of 2hours and 35mins, I felt something on my tummy, my stomach started to tighten up and my right thigh started to raise upward, a few minutes later I’m already experiencing thigh cramps and stomach cramps.

    From that very time, I already lost hope of making it under 3 hours with 5km of uphill trail still have to communicate, and then I started to feel dizzy and to overcome this I started to walk and started to it my trail mix chocolate and dose myself with water to overcome the heat.

    I started to walk all through out for the next 4km, and when my boss passed me by along the way he asked me what was wrong with me, so I narrated to him my situation and then he hand me over a liniment so I immediately used it on my thigh and stomach, it’s really a very big help to me, enough to finish the race but without my goal of making it under 3 hours.

    And to avoid extra damage (injury) on my part, I contented myself in walking until the last part of the race and still I manage to finished the race with a time of 3:24:40 ending up at 87th place not bad at all……

    I promised to myself that I will definitely come back next year to prove myself that I can make that goal, my goal of going under 3 hours,

    See you guys for next year edition…..

  12. my first ever run, just started running twice a week a month ago… having knee issues and fear of heights… two thumbs up for my effort for the 5k!

  13. Ndi naman accurate ung results. sabay kami ng tropa nag cross ng finish line but i recorded a time that is 30mins later than him.
    kelan po lalabas yung mga pics na kuha ng merrell staff?

  14. photos photos photos photos photos photos of 21K Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please


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