Karera Lakas Pilipinas 2013 – August 25, 2013


This June 15, 2013, Karera Lakas Pilipinas 2013 will be held at Gregorio Lim Philippine Marines Base Camp, Ternate Cavite. Save the date!

Karera Lakas Pilipinas 2013
June 15, 2013 @ 8 AM Moved to August 25, 2013
Gregorio Lim Philippine Marines Base Camp, Ternate Cavite
5K Run with 21 Obstacle Course/200m Swim/10K Bike
Organizer: Absolute Fitness Concepts Inc.

Registration Fees:
Astig Category / 5K Run- Php 1,300
Kapatiran Category (Buddy/Partner), 5K Run- Php2,500
Bangis Category/ 200m Swim, 10K Bike, 5K Run – Php 3,000
Bayanihan Category (Bangis Relay Team)- P3,300
Bayani Category (Men in Service, Army, AFP, Navy, Marines, PNP, BJMOP) – Php 500

-Finishers Jerseys and Dog Tags will given upon finishing the race.

Registration Venues:
– Philippines Marines Corps, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City.


Contact Details:
Xhi Tabalan- Race Director
Mobile: 09189357370
Website -> https://www.lakaspilipinas.com/

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    • Hi rolie, a sprint distance triathlon is 750m Swim, 20km Bike, 5km Run… KLP’s short distance triathlon is 200m Open Water Swim (White Beach), 10km UPHILL Bike, 5km Run with 21 OBSTACLE COURSE. A regular sprint distance triathlon is P3k reg.fee on a FLAT BORING ROAD with finisher’s jersey and relief goods from sponsors. KLP triathlon, P3k that have more challenge and density in the sport, you will receive a finisher jersey, DOG TAG which you can wear it after the race ( can you wear a medal after the race?), Training with the Marines at their Fitness Park in Fort Bonifacio Taguig, Boodle Fight, and Beer…

    • Yes po, 5km w/ 21 Obstacle Course along the way. A regular 5km Funrun that has a reg.fee of P300-P500, runs on a BORING FLAT ROAD tapos get a jersey and relief goods from their sponsors. KLP 5km Run P1300 will receive Finisher Jersey, Dog Tag, Training w/ the Marines at their Fitness Park Fort Bonifacio Taguig, Boodle Fight, White Beach Start Line, and Beer… Senxa na for delayed reply…

  1. mga fellow runner wag nating ismolin ito kasi kahit 5k run yan pero me kasama naman na 21 obstacle run (used by marines in training). panis dito yung mens urbanathlon at obstacle trilogy ng WL. magpalakas po tayo both upper and lower body…

    • Yes Sir, its 5km run with 21 Obstacle course. We offer two sport, 5km Run and Short distance triathlon (200m open water white beach swim, 10km uphill bike, 5km run w/ obstacle course.:)

  2. grabeh naman po yata mahal ng reg fee…
    parang di na po aford ng katulad kong naeenjoy ang takbo ,,sana naman babaan ang reg fee..

  3. Well, actually the reg.fee is very affordable compared to a regular 5km fun run (where average fee is 300-500). The regular 5km fun run have a jersey plus relief goods from sponsors and the run is on the flat road, that justifies the fee right? With KLP 5km fun run with 21 OBSTACLE COURSE of P1,300 you get a Finisher Jersey, a Dog Tag (trust me its better than a medal bcoz you can wear a dog tag anywhere, can you wear the medal after the run?), Boodle Fight Party w/ BEER, swim in their WHITE BEACH, training at the Phil.Marines’ Fitness Park, and a lot more.

  4. first timer na girls pwede pong sumali??? panu po kung mahirap yung obstacles may aalalay po ba sa amin na matapos po ito?

    • Yes definitely! Because Part of registration inclusive is training at the Phil.Marines’ Fitness Park Fort Bonifacio so you can easily do the obstacle course and making you race ready. And as a requirement, Camaraderie is a must for the race, helping you also go through safely at the obstacles. Please check FB Fanpage https:/www.facebook.com/kareralakaspilipinas for details and picture of the site :)

  5. maganda sanang sumali but the price is not that friendly. sana may option not to join the boodle fight and unlimited beer. gusto ko sumali sa challenge ng course. :) just my 2 cent.

    • Sir, the boodle fight po is a gratitude treat by our marines. Its an option if want to join the boodle fight or not. The registration fee is very affordable na po because it justifies the challenges that we are offering more than the 21 Obstacle course in 5km route, the race will start in the White Beach. After the race you have the privilege to stay and spend leisure time to relax and recover. Its very unique and exciting compared to other multi-sport race. Please click the link for pictures of the site https://www.facebook.com/kareralakaspilipinas

  6. Hello! Thank you for posting our event.
    We would want to inform you that Lakas Kareristas will now have more time to prepare for this race. We are moving the event to AUGUST 25, 2013 to commemorate NATIONAL HEROES DAY –
    A very fitting celebration for this epic event!
    Please check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kareralakaspilipinas for more details.
    Registration starts on June 15, 2013.


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